The Room | 6/27/2008
Musings on Past Sunday School Experiences and What I Got Out of It All | 6/25/2008

Age: 26

Favorite word(s): Caliginous, Blimey, Rootabega, Insane, Trousers, Tatterdemalion, Glabrous, Deipnosophist, Defenestration, Dapper, Geometry, Jazz, Brûlée, Merit, Physchology, Stone, Obtuse, Spaghetti, Prone, Architecture, and millions of others

Status: Homeschooler

Who am I?

I am Kenzie. ♥ I love taking pictures of people/rain/socks/hazelnut italian sodas/riding my bike with the essentials: a good selection of music, a water bottle and a camera/the satisfaction of eating a cake you just spent hours baking and decorating/being the only person awake in the house/singing and playing music in a big group/harmonizing/waking up really early and drinking hazelnut vanilla tea/playing the piano on a rainy day/fog/realizing that I can depend on God for anything/accordians, when played right/being alone/being in good company/peacoats/peanut butter chocolate chips/an a flat diminished chord/tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons/thinking about the future/grey minicoopers/a wicked awesome bass line/spontaneous cleaning/working really hard at something worthwhile/the key of e flat/surreal photos/matzoh ball soup/getting hugged by little kids/getting soaked when it’s raining/getting let loose on a piece of music instead of being restricted to playing the “right notes”/looking at the pictures in national geographic/listening to music in the dark/opening all the windows after winter and hearing the birds/long bike rides in perfect, sunny weather/going outside at 6 am on a spring morning/patches of sunlight/eating soup while it’s raining outside/getting wet in the rain/socks (again)/playing MUSIC/G2 chord/being in bed, in the pitch dark, cozy and warm and hearing nothing but rain/cello/GOD/reading my Bible alone in the middle of grove of trees (seriously - I did it…it was awesome. =D)/cookies/trusting people I know are trustworthy/that weird lake place over towards the north-east that’s surrounded by yellow flowers…it’s so cool and mysterious…but I’d be tresspassing if I went there/realizing that God’s in control/talking to people/studying the Bible with others/drinking clean WATER/praising God in a big group of people/being wishy-washy but not caring because you’re too happy/those yellow flowers at Diamond-Penny trail that are everywhere/those brown shoes I’ve got…/receiving the singing role of a hardcore rocker, when expected to be completely serious in the role =D/breezy days/homeschooling/waking up ready to get going and have a fantastic day/olive oil/fried eggs at midnight/tea/bagel chips!/studying the Bible/messing up but receiving grace instead of mocking/street musicians/feeling hoplessly romantic/feeling extremely depressed and then organizing something and feeling happy/waking up and feeling like the day is going to go horrifically because you haven’t study enough for whatever test and you have tons of homework for whatever subject, and then acing the test and working ahead in your homework/realizing that someone loves you/hugs


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