Child of Darkness: Chapter the Sixth

Fiction By Keri // 6/3/2009

As they begin to swirl in a slow dance, they fade, the room fades, and everyone fades until I am standing in a white, empty area. I see nothing as far as my eye reaches. I look about me, slightly disorientated from the extreme difference of this place and where I just was. “Well?” the voice who called itself my memory has returned. I am so confused. A memory should not be able to speak to me. It should be part of my mind. A book that I read-”I asked you what you thought” But no book can talk and sound that annoyed.
“What I thought of what?” I feel equally annoyed for it invading my thoughts.
“Don't get cheeky with me!” it snaps, “I just showed you the last healthy night your father had before he grew 'ill'.”
I think about that for a moment. “But if you're my memory wouldn't I remember it just as it happened to me? If you, my memory were showing it to me, I would have been sitting on that throne.”
It sounds highly affronted. “Well I did the best I was allowed! The actually remembering is your job not mine.”
“Oh, I see.” I look down. What was it that it said the last time I spoke with it? Something about asking questions. Oh yes now I remember. “When we last spoke you were about to tell me how I could find you but I was awoken before you told me. Will you tell me now?”
“Certainly not.”
“Why ever not?”
“If you rephrase that so it is not a question I might be able to tell you.”
I think for a few moments. I thought that in dreams you don't often feel pain but I can feel my head throb. “Tell me why you won't.” it is rather rude but I can't think of anything else with the pain in my head.
“A little high and a little mighty but I'll overlook it this time. I can only answer one question per dream! I already told you that.”
I stop myself from asking what question that was just as it was teetering on my tooth ready to fall into the scorn of my unpredictably irritable memory.
“Um, I don't remember asking anything yet.”
“When you asked 'What I thought I of what?' that was a dumb question to waste by the way.”
“Oh yeah. You were a little less grumpy when we last talked. I'm pretty sure you were rather jolly.”
“I just worked really hard to help you see one of your memories and you hated it so of course I'm a little snappish. See if I ever do it again!” It snaps.
“Oh no, I didn't hate it! Now I know what my father an stepmother looked like! Whatever made you think I hated it? I mean, Please explain to me your reasoning for thinking that I hated it.”
“All you've done since I pulled you out of my little masterpiece is complain and ask questions that I can't answer anyway.” now it sounds almost like a child on the verge of tears. Really if this is my memory it has many moods and they change without warning.
“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I'm just a little confused about everything. It really did help me.”
“I suppose you are suffering from the loss of me. Ah well Time for me to go for now and let you wake up. I've kept you in dream land long enough.”
With that, it is gone and I am aware of cold air around me and something uncomfortable beneath me. I open my eyes. The white is still all around and even falling from the sky. The area is no longer empty though. I am laying on the ground leaning up against a tree. I look about me and see Korin and Danielle a way off talking together about something or other. I Shiver. It is very cold and there is no fire. Suddenly, I recall what happened last night and my stomach drops. I didn't react that badly before in the dungeon. Perhaps that is why I didn't react badly because I was in the place I first had memory. But last night I was under stress trying to make our getaway and outside, and many other things. Korin gestures in my direction. His gaze follow his hand and he sees that I am awake. Danielle sees as well and they walk over to my side. “Good morning, Your Majesty,” Korin says although he seems distracted, “How are you?”
“Fine I guess. I'm sorry for last night.” I say and then, trying to make a joke but not doing very well. “Only little children are afraid of the dark.” It is obvious from Korin's quick little smile that he is trying to humor me as a nanny who does not want to be bothered smiles at a three-year-old when shown another new drawing.
“Hey look little brother! It's snowing!” Danielle’s greeting seem to be forced cheer.
I raise my eyebrows. “Really? I hadn't noticed exactly.” I try to make moods lighter with a bit of irony.
Korin hands me an apple. “First snow of winter actually. Here, have some delicious breakfast.” I take it realizing how hungry I am and sorry to have such a small breakfast. I try the bright side approach to it.
“Well it is delicious next to the last thing I ate.” I take a bite. It is the best apple I ever remember having. Which isn't saying much but I am trying to look on the bright side. It's not working too well. I repress a sigh and take another bite, chewing thoughtfully.
Danielle shivers and rubs her arms. “I wish we could find some shelter. Brr! It's cold!” She sits next to me. “How are you feeling Natty?” Her voice grows softer as she asks, “Do you think we can get on the move again?”
“Not yet.” I say.
“Not yet?”
“I have some questions for Korin.”
I know this is one of my shorter chapters. but I've been working on each one being at least a certain number of words and it is over that amount so there! ;)



Ooooo! I liked this chapter... this last part:
“I have some questions for Korin.” It makes me think that Korin has done something wrong! But, I still like it!!! Very well done...
BTW... I liked Chapter 5 too, sorry I didn't comment on it!
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Kendra | Thu, 06/04/2009

"Are you sure this water is sanitary? It looks questionable to me! But what about bacteria?"--Tantor the elephant from Tarzan.

Pretty good. Nothing new

Pretty good. Nothing new there. But it is taking a while to get going. Still very well writen. It really does sound like Erogan, sorta. I like Korin a lot. Isn't Korin from A Horse and his Boy?
P.S. My real name Nathaniel.

I am Nate-Dude | Thu, 06/04/2009


This is a really good

This is a really good chapter....even though it's slightly short. The length deosn't matter if the chpater is is yours. I like the conversation betweent him and his memory.

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airlia | Thu, 06/04/2009

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Why thank you every

Why thank you every one!

Kendra: The more I look at that last part I think the same thing and laugh because it just sits there on the end of the chapter giving that exact impression! Of course, that didn't occur to me until it was too late.

Nathaniel-Dude: What do you mean nothing new? If you look closely, there is a lot you could learn about everything. Really, how DOES it sound like Eregon? I DON'T want it to seem so and I'll fix what you say it sounds like. Oh yes, when I realised that the name was from Horse and his Boy I very preturbed with myself.

Arlia: His memory my favorite character. I don't really want dear Natty to get it back because that would mean he can't talk to it anymore. :(

Keri | Fri, 06/05/2009

Well it's good. Nothing new

Well it's good. Nothing new there.
I really don't know why it sounds like Eragon, It's just does. But thats not a bad thing! It's a great book. I saw the movie to day a it was ok too.
Maybe it sounds like Eragon because he keeps getting he head smashed and he's out half the time.
Kinda like Natty.

I am Nate-Dude | Mon, 06/08/2009


His memory is a funny thing.

His memory is a funny thing. Actually, if it makes you feel better, Korin is spelled 'Corin' differently in A Horse and His Boy.

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Bridget | Thu, 06/11/2009

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I know that but still urg.

I know that but still urg. oh well Thank you for liking my fav character

Keri | Fri, 06/12/2009

I like this chapter! I

I like this chapter! I wonder what questions Natty will ask Korin... ;) Hmmm... Keep on writing! Great job!

~Teal :)

Teal | Fri, 06/12/2009


only one more chapter to go so far! :)

Velocity | Sun, 06/28/2009

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