Gone Away

A Poem By Keri // 11/26/2008

Don’t say it was for the best
Don’t tell me it was time.
I’ve heard it all before
Don’t be like all the rest

I’ve been trying not to cry
Every time I think of her
Don’t tell me it’s OK
Don’t say that I know why

You say she’s just a dog
I say she was much more
Eleven years of friendship
Now I’m in a fog

Whenever I was sad
She was by my side
Now I’m shattered into pieces
She was my comrade

Everyone is saying
When her time has come it’s come
Her time hadn’t come- not yet
That’s what I was yelling

I was praying that she would die
A completely natural death
This is not natural
I saw them end her life

I still feel like she hasn’t left
Sometimes I think I see her
I turns out to be something else
And then I am depressed

I will try to move on
Try to remember her with joy
Try to laugh and smile again
Even though she’s gone
Dedicated to Princess Rose T. 07/01/97 - 11/18/08 A Labrador/Australian shepherd/rottweiler mix. She was gentle and sympathetic at all times. Even why babies were torturing her, she would never bite at them or even growl but lick them and they would be so shocked that they would stop whatever they were doing to her. She loved chasing birds and she loved grapes, carrots, and cucumbers. She loved her family. She was put to sleep on November 18th of 2008 because of her age, a stroke that she had had in February and a tumor the size of a large man’s hand that was visible from the outside and a rather large one that was discovered by an X-ray in February. It was decided to put her down in November because of the Christmas season and an unwillingness for it to spoil the holidays.


Sad. I've lost two dogs

Sad. I've lost two dogs before. It's never easy.

Ezra | Wed, 11/26/2008

"There are no great men of God. There are only pitiful, sorry men whose God is great beyond measure." - Paul Washer [originally Jonathan Edwards]


She's the first I've lost. I don't usually write poetry but prose didn't seem right. It was probably pretty obvious that I don't write much poetry though. lol
...and that's all I'm gonna say! For now...

Keri | Thu, 11/27/2008

awww... :*(

how sad for you... I lost my dog recently, too. Very sorry that you had to lose such a good friend.

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"We're going to let the hunted do the hunting while those of us who are actually the hunters go fishing. Genius!"
--Black Stache

Hannah W. | Sat, 11/29/2008


I'm so sorry!!! We had an old dog that passed away when I was little. She was the sweetest dog I have ever met. I'm sorry about your dog!

"Every recording studio needs a rubber chicken." -Joe Jonas

"My red hair gives me superpowers!"-some person's t-shirt

E | Fri, 12/05/2008

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond


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