How Nature Represents God

An Essay By Keri // 11/8/2008

Everywhere a person goes, he sees some form of creation such as other people, the wondrous sky, the flying birds, the tall and majestic trees, and many unique animals . No matter where one looks, one witnesses nature testifying that it was created. In its own complexity, the natural world practically shouts it out; plant life, animal instincts, and yes, even the very earth itself proves that there is a highly intelligent creator, God, behind the existence of everything.
Various plants have several distinctive qualities about them that no other living thing has. How does a flower know how to turn sunlight into energy? It doesn’t have a brain; it doesn’t have a mother who teaches it how. It just does. God created plants with a unique ability to photosynthesize sunlight into energy. This process is constant and is the same in all plants containing chlorophyll. Man breathes in oxygen and breathes out carbon dioxide, while plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Man needs oxygen to survive, and plants need carbon dioxide to live; this is evidence that God created an environment beneficial to both plants and mankind. Plants are always threatened by diseases, animals and the elements, yet somehow they are in all corners of the world. They regenerate in many different ways: ferns produce spores, a cell that can develop into a new, living plant. Bees and other insects take pollen from flower to flower, dandelions create floating seeds, and some seeds become attached to migrating birds and then fall off, growing up in a new place. The Venus flytrap is able not only to attract, trap and digest animal prey, but also is able to tell nonliving stimuli from its living quarry.
Many different types of animal have special qualities that have confused scientists for a long time. A sea turtle lays her eggs, leaves, and never comes back. Once the eggs hatch, the little turtles know instinctively to go to the ocean. A salmon always returns to the place where it hatched no matter what it takes or how difficult the journey. The returning salmon will climb water falls, it will brave waiting fishermen, and it will force its way upwards through rapids. In 1934 M. Magnen and Mr. Saint-Lague applied the equations of air resistance to bumblebees and found that the flight of bees was, “impossible”. And yet, we see them flying hither and yon. So, in 2005, another test was done by Michael Dickinson and his colleagues using high speed cinematography and a giant robotic replica of a bee wing. They found that bees fly by short, choppy, wing strokes in very fast beats, and they cover a very small arc at approximately 230 beats per second.
Looking at our earth from space, one sees immediately how different Terra is from any other planet. Our planet is covered in blue-green oceans and green vegetation. The earth is the only planet known to support life. She spins like ballerina at exactly the right speed ---any slower and we would either freeze from too long a night, or burn up from too long a day, or fall off from a release of gravitational forces. The Earth is also the only planet whose tilt and solar orbit are, in such a way, that causes the four seasons .
Whether man travels through jungles of Africa, the depths of the Amazon River, or to the Mariana trench they will see nature not only defying evolutionary theories, but one that has been carefully crafted into a wondrously complex work of art by God our Creator.



Um I didn't mean to put that I'm 21. I don't know how that ended up happening I'm actually 15. Just to clear that little thing up. :)
Anyway, This, and the God does exist essay are homework assignments from same class that Velocity is in. So our God does exit papers are different. Now that I think I cleared everything up I think I'll go to bed!!!

Keri | Sun, 11/16/2008


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