A Letter to the Editor

An Essay By Keri // 7/1/2010

 Dear Ben,

Thank you so very much for creating Apricotpie.com. I have grown into a new person through this site. I have made friends almost closer than the ones I’ve been close to my entire life in person, and matured in my writing more than through anything else. I have become a poet when I thought I was not and I have fallen in love with writing more than ever before.

I consider my first online friend to be Old Fashioned Girl who is now called Ariel; she was interested in a story that I wasn’t going to continue and she commented encouraging me to do just that. In response, I e-mailed her and we started a correspondence.

After becoming friends with OFGI joined the forum that was started because of Apricotpie.com and that I would never had joined without Apricotpie.com. The forum is where I became close to so many. Only one person that I became close to was not a member of the original site. When I went through a tough time I told some people about it and that gave me the courage to tell my best friends out in the “real world.” I can tell Bridget my fears and she prays for me. That means a ton. I can tell Renee, Alicia, Ariel, The Brit and Bridget nothing and they will pray for me. That means even more.

I have kept everything I ever posted on my page to see my own progress. Even though it makes me cringe to read over the very first things I have up, I can see that the critique and encouragement I receive helps. Before Apricotpie, I actually took constructive criticism personally and now I take it personally and am grateful that someone cares enough to help me become better.

Before Apricotpie, the only way I had to share my writing was to print out a copy and to ask someone to read it. With this site I am able to put up what I have and if people feel like it they will read it and I am glad not be begging people to read my work.

When I was rather young I thought writing up something in which the first line was always capitalized was poetry. When I found it wasn’t, I stopped writing it. After I stopped writing those odd little compositions, I was done with poetry and thought that I couldn’t write poetry. Then I started reading the poems of others on Apricotpie and began writing some of my own. Now I love my poetry. Without Apricotpie I might not have my solace that is poetry.

I know this is a rough and quick overview of the immense impact Apricotpie has had upon my life. I just want to thank you for coming up with the idea, executing it, and working to make it better. I honestly believe that I would be a different person without it. Thank you very much Mr. Kniaz.


Keri T.


Cool. I totally agree about

Cool. I totally agree about the defination of poetry--I still haven't figured it out.

Julie | Thu, 07/01/2010

Formerly Kestrel

Keri, thank you for thinking

Keri, thank you for thinking up such a funny idea as "Ben the Editor Day." It's great to feel appreciated. What makes me even more happy is to see the good you all are making out of apricotpie. Keep up the great writing and the good character development (in life and on paper)!

Ben | Fri, 07/02/2010


 Actually, I can't take credit for Ben The Editor Dy. all I did was help pick a date. It was someone else's idea.

Keri | Sat, 07/03/2010

Wow.  I didn't know that my

Wow.  I didn't know that my prayers meant that much to you.  Just wanted to say, your prayers and messages have meant a lot to me too.

Bridget | Fri, 03/11/2011

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