Ode to Ice Cream

A Poem By Keri // 8/12/2008

I wrote this a long time ago so it has some problems (like rhyming brainfreeze with braainfreeze) But I thought I would post it anyway

Oh, ode to ice-cream,
So cold, yummy and sweet.
Even in winter I’ll keep you a treat.
Today, orange sherbet,
Tomorrow, French silk.
And then that chocolate syrup,
I’ll add to my milk.
Oh, ice-cream, master of brain freeze,
I’ll eat you any day.
Yes I’ll savor your brain freeze.
For another bite, if I may?




Hannah | Sat, 08/16/2008

Oh my gosh!

I wrote "ode to food" a couple days ago on the train and then I came to post it on apricotpie and there was "ode to icecream" (!!!!!)
Please belive me when I say I didnt copy.
That's wierd though

Hannah | Sat, 08/16/2008

that's funny!

I believe you. It's kinda funny though. I wrote this such a long time ago for a poem contest. I didn't even really know exactly what an ode was at that point.

Keri | Sat, 08/16/2008

Mmmm....I can taste it. I'm

Mmmm....I can taste it. I'm actually trying to write an ode to candy corn, but I'm having trouble finding words that will go with 'corn'. There's not much that isn't either sick or just sounds totally retarded.

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Bridget | Wed, 03/25/2009

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hey this really good my name is jesse l martin who plays in rent

Anonymous | Wed, 04/29/2009


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