Two Worlds

An Essay By Keri // 11/24/2008

Keri T.
Christian World View

Imagine a society where homosexual marriages are as common as heterosexual marriages. Perhaps there are no marriages at all in this world, just people flitting from one partner to the next. A world where no one is happy because everyone must be sure to please everyone else. In this world, picture people being killed because they are a “drain” on society or because they are terminally ill and supposedly won’t live more than six months. Think of babies being killed while still in the womb because the pregnancy is uncomfortable for the woman bearing the child or because raising the child will be more bother than it’s worth. Visualize nothing ever being decided on because no one can offend anyone. Envision deceit, hatred, murder, and theft all being acceptable under “certain situations” This is a worst case scenario of how it would be if the laws of a society were based solely on man’s character and nature.

Now, imagine an ordered society where there is love, where people think of others even when they must offend them. See children honoring their parents, everyone worshiping the one and only God and actually reading their Bibles. Think of no one ever taking the Lord’s name in vain; think of no murder, no one stealing because they have learned to be content. Suppose that when there is an evil doer he is punished fairly but accurately. Envision people doing to others what they would want done to themselves. Think of marriage being one man with one woman until death parts them. Fancy no one ever lying to one another. This and so much more is the ideal if laws were based on God’s character and nature.


Dead one

Unfortunitely we're sliding closer to the former all the time..
The Word is alive/and it cuts like a sword through the darkness
With a message of life to the hopeless/and afraid...

~"The Word is Alive' by Casting Crowns

May my words be a light that guides others to the True Light and Word.

Julie | Sun, 05/17/2009

Formerly Kestrel

that's what I was thinking

that's what I was thinking as I wrote it.

It seems that purple cows
Are on every person's sig.
But I refuse to join the game
Oh wait, I already did!

Keri | Sun, 05/17/2009


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