Closer: Canto VII: Crossroads

A Poem By Julie // 2/9/2011


Canto VII: Crossroads
Of all the paths
I dreamt of taking
Of all the worlds
I hoped to find
I never imagined
she’d find the same one
A celery-scrawny frame
hair like unraveling yarn
Dressed in jeans, hiking boots
and a three-buttoned
corduroy jacket
Her pale blue eyes
pear through concave glasses
“Don’t stand there gawking
shut the door”
But this looks like
my friend Bailey
Unless some phantom
stole her shape…
The girl tries to wink
settles for a hard blink
you’ll have to
share the room.
This is Shyllen,”
She turned to me
“Wash up and help
with the table, please”
‘Keturah’ gestures to
an iron pump
“It takes some
elbow grease”
I walk up
“But—it’s you!
She giggles.
“I haven’t told her
where I’m from
or why I’m giggling
Explanations later.”
The meal is simple,
but filling
bread-bowls of stew
and fresh water
the woman says
“Can you clean up?
I have things to do.”
As her footsteps recede,
the other girl whispers
She springs up
and squeezes me
to her heart
“I never thought—
I imagined adventures—
but with you!”
I gasp
She releases her grip
a little
“How did you get here?”
“Just opened a door."

“I've seen
 a new world.
like nothing
just step
through the door”
she sings
“Why the fake name?”
I ask
“Why yours?”
She grins
“Genre savvy
Good blesses
Evil curses
“You don’t trust
“I read
George MacDonald
Those shadows
may hide beauty
or monsters”
Bailey shrugs
“Let’s do the dishes
She probably won’t be
back soon
but might as well”
I pick up a mug
“You don’t seem
to be here”
“I’ve had adventures
let me tell you…”


Yes, tell me! Tell me

Yes, tell me! Tell me quickly! Oh wait--I can just go read. LOL

LoriAnn | Sun, 02/20/2011

“I've seen  a new

“I've seen
 a new world.
like nothing
just step
through the door”

I know that song! 

I read George MacDonald, too. :)

Anna | Wed, 02/23/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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