Closer Canto XI: Ex Nihilo

A Poem By Julie // 6/18/2011


Canto XI: Ex Nihilo
Primary words
form secondary worlds
words are the worlds
so write with care
I run my fingers
along the rim,
smiling at the chill
like an ancient goddess
in a new mosaic
I wake before sleep
even slips a timid foot
across the threshold of my mind
“Shyllen, wake up,”
She calls the name
I never gave
I roll over
sit up
“Do you have
a plan?”
“Ah, young one,”
She laughs
“Are you always
so impatient?”
“She’s my friend
And this place—
no offense—
seems dangerous”
“Only to those
 who, ex nihilo,
enter the land.”
I repeat her words
“What does that mean?”
“Ex nihilo, from nothing.
This land was built
from the dreams of men
but ‘tis dangerous for
creators to enter their subcreation
You have more power
than you know
and the realm trembles
at your every step.”
“You’re solid
“And to quote
one of your race
‘Who says
dreams can’t be
I open my mouth,
close it again
“And Bai—er,
“Your friend’s
vivid imagination
has made her easy prey
for the monsters.”
So I’m not imaginative enough?
Thanks a lot,
I think
but say
“Why not me?”
“When I searched
I found evidence
that she had been
in other realms before
The more time
humans spend here
the easier they fall
for they have relinquished
clarity for freedom.”
She smiles encouragingly
“Not that it’s a poor trade,
but the ignorant bear a
certain protection,
by the law of the land.”
“Let me guess,
you won’t tell me
anything else
to keep me safe.”
Save this—
four may see
where two are blind.”


The last lines must mean more

The last lines must mean more characters! Score!

I loved the opening words to this canto. Well, I loved it all, but the opening words really blossomed.

Anna | Mon, 06/20/2011

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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