Jumping to Jupiter

A Poem By Julie // 3/21/2010


I’ll start here
You’ll start there
Everybody will start somewhere
If we really ran
Jumped as far as we can
And everything went as planned
Could we jump to Jupiter?
If I leapt five
If you leapt nine
If someone leapt forty-five
But we can’t jump that far
Can’t drive there in a car
Or catch a passing star
Could we jump to Jupiter?
On our own, we aren’t good enough
Even if we do lots of nice stuff
But Jesus bridged the gulf
So why do we fight
Over who was right
When none of us reached the height
For we can’t jump to Jupiter


Awww! That was really cute

Awww! That was really cute and beautiful!

Clare | Mon, 03/22/2010


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