A Poem By kit-kat // 10/10/2011

 If people change as seasons change 

We'll see it in the fall. 
We'd hope you'd change only for the better, 
Else we'd have you changing not at all. 
The leaves are falling, they are falling 
More and more each day, 
And I recall how we grew to love you in our lives 
Only to see you fall away. 
The grass is turning, turning slowly   
From vibrant green to brown, 
And I'm remembering your smile tender. 
Now you just look down. 
The warmth is fleeing, swiftly fleeing 
And leaving without a trace. 
We can only pray for it's return 
With the help of grace. 
Yes, people change as seasons change, 
We see this now that fall is here. 
And on comes the winter and it is cold, 
But at least the Spring is near.


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