A Poem By kit-kat // 2/16/2010

This place I love's my destination:

A town with little population

But without too much isolation.

I'll rest beneath sky's dome.


Can’t stop my hearts acceleration!

Of slowing it shows no indication.

I simply cannot resist temptation

To find my way back Home.



Hey, I didn't know you posted something!

*poke* This is awesome! I realllly really like it. Welcome to AP, girlfriend!



Anonymous | Tue, 02/23/2010

I LOVED this! So awesome...i

I LOVED this! So awesome...i really like the sounds you chose to ryme. They weren't simple and predictable like love and dove and above...lame overused ones like that! IT WAS EPIC!!!

Clare | Wed, 02/24/2010

Katherine Rae!

You, young lady, are far too unappreciative of your own skills. This is GREAT. As Clare said, the vocabulary rocks, and I love the rhythym and just the content and everything...love love love it. I edited your post on TGO where you called it "a lame attempt". Poo! It's awesome. *hug*

KatieSara | Wed, 02/24/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"


Aww! *hugs* Thanks both of you! I'm glad to know you like it! ::D

kit-kat | Thu, 02/25/2010

So short and sweet!

 I like this poem of yours, Kat. I especially like the very last phrase. There's no place quite like home!


- Lily (pray4priests)

Anonymous | Thu, 06/10/2010