If life were a musical . . .

Fiction By kit-kat // 4/8/2010

**This is what happens when school wants me to write a narrative and my brain isn't functioning correctly**


It wasa beautiful day in midsummer 2009. The sun was high in the sky, about to reach its peak before it gently began its descent. It was an ordinary day for me. There was, seemingly nothing special about it.  I was on a stroll around the small town, just killing time.  I had been on my lovely walk for nearly an hour, and was about ready to make my way back home when I saw something that drew my attention. It was a single rose lying on its side in the middle of the road. I approached the rose and picked it up.


Holding it delicately in my hand, I took a smell. I was clearly distracted by its lovely scent, for I did not notice that out of a nearby shed stepped a young man wearing a very nice suit and carrying a violin. I must have looked bewildered as he began to play a slow gentle tune. Out of the shed stepped another young man similarly dressed. Holding the rose as if for protection, I watched as the second man began to sing a song about how he simply couldn’t live without me.   Having never seen this person in my life, I strongly considered calling the police, or someone that could maybe explain this to me.


I noticed two things as I pulled out my cell phone. The first thing I noticed was the cameras that were hidden inside the shed, no doubt filming my encounter with these strange characters. I realized that some sort of joke was being played on me. The second thing I noticed was an assortment of people appearing from behind trees and stepping out of cars and houses. These people wore color coordinated outfits and all began to dance and sing in harmony. 


Although I now realized I was being joked with, I still found it quite bizarre. The song ended with all the dancers falling on one knee around me. I glanced into the shed and saw my uncle. He stepped around the camera and walked out into the sunlight. He had a goofy smile on his face as he exclaimed “April fools!”  To this day, I am still confused as to why he felt it necessary to play an April Fools prank on me in the middle of July.


Classic Kat

Random in the best way. XD It's kind of odd, but I like it. :)

KatieSara | Mon, 04/19/2010


"Are all humans like this? So much bigger on the inside?"

Ha! And I was all excited

Ha! And I was all excited about a possible romance... ;)

paperpoet | Fri, 04/30/2010


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