"This will be home"

Fiction By kit-kat // 3/31/2011

random creative writing assignment I had--Write a paragraph of a childhood memory.  It's kinda mehh.. this is my first draft. Enjoy ::)~~~

Girlish giggles and the final notes of a country tune reverberated off of the walls in the nearly empty house. The dim glow of a light fixture that was missing a few bulbs lit up the room in an almost eerie way, but the summer sun shining brightly through the ruffled, light blue curtains lit the house in a more cheerful manner. Old boxes were piled in every corner, giving off the distinctive musty smell of cardboard. The girls continued to laugh as the next song began to play on the radio, and they tried to act out what a music video for this song might look like. In the background their father and uncle continued to carry boxes in the sweltering heat from the moving van into the old house. The girls were all too small to carry any of the large boxes, but no one seemed to mind. They continued to giggle as another song ended. Yes, this would be home.


Aww....Kat, that is just

Aww....Kat, that is just BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I can totally see that happening :'-)

Clare | Sat, 04/02/2011


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