Journey to the Mountain

A Poem By Lea Grace // 7/19/2012

My journey to the mountain,
began, not long ago.
it began in a small village,
where life went to and fro.

I didn’t know what was in store,
while I laughed with friends.
It’s hard to recall my life before,
change came ‘round the bend.

One night, before the snow,
I woke from a strange dream.
I heard a voice inside my head,
or that’s the way it seemed.

What I heard, it changed my life
and sent shivers through my skin.
I was told I would change something,
if I could climb the tall mountain.

My decision was made in a heartbeat,
and I don’t regret my choice.
I headed towards the mountain,
and because I did, I rejoice.

Now the journey, to adventurers
would sound a simple task.
But I, not even thirteen then,
it just seemed too much to ask.

The journey wasn’t what frightened me,
but I was worried of what I may find.
The darkness and evils and creatures
were the dangers that troubled my mind.

I had not gotten very far,
when I turned to see my guide.
He is my helper and my friend;
He has never left my side.

We started through the great valley,
as it was starting to snow.
My heart was filled with hope and joy,
despite my fears of where I would go.

One day while we were walking,
and stopped for water at a stream.
A man dressed in crimson and black
asked me if I trusted the vital dream.

I didn’t know what to answer,
and I thought his words were true.
Why should I trust the vital dream
when there was little proof I knew?

My guide, He quickly found me,
with fear drawn on his face.
He told of the crimson man
who follows darkness’ trace.

The months, they flew right by me
and I was filled with fear.
Thoughts of black and crimson,
my vision they would smear.

Another time it happened.
We were taking a short rest
when the man of black and crimson
tried to end my quest

He reminded me of all the times
that I had tried and failed.
He said I couldn’t do it
and to look at the times I’ve bailed.

I was vulnerable and confused
so I sat and started to cry.
My guide sat down with me
and sang a sweet lullaby.

He told me not to worry
and to fall and cry on him.
The man of black and crimson
is rarely seen again.

A while ago I wrote
a letter to my friend.
I told her of my journey
and the struggles I was in.

She said that she was happy
that I have come this far.
She said that she would pray for me
when she sees the stars.

Now I’m closer to the mountain,
wondering how I’ll get to the top.
But I have an amazing guide and savior
who will carry me when I drop.



Huh, this was really well done. Good job! :P

Maddi | Sat, 07/21/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Beautiful! Fabulous!

Beautiful! Fabulous! Extremely well done! This is definately my favorite poem of your work yet. :) I really loved your word pictures! And your testimony is very relatable to mine and some of my friends.

Keep following Jesus and I will be praying for you! :)

Lucy Anne | Sat, 07/21/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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