Why ApricotPie was Down

James // 12/13/2017

Dear Homeschooling Friends,

This letter to the editor is rather short. As you may have noticed the past few days, the website has been in "offline mode", meaning it's been down while I've tried to upgrade some of the technology and fix some of the bugs with the site.

Unfortunately, I was unable to successfully upgrade the site or fix the bugs. Even more unfortunately, I created another bug that caused people's profile pictures to be too big and take over most of the screen... but somehow I managed to fix that problem! (And good thing too... you wouldn't have enjoyed having to view the site like that.)

Eventually I'm going to have to get Apricot Pie updated to a new version of Drupal... the current version is buggy and someday the version of code it uses may stop being supported by the web host (which means the site would stop working). But it's still not extremely urgent, and I don't expect Apricot Pie to be down again any time soon.

I look forward to continuing to read your posts and interact with you all!

— James


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