Measure Up

A Poem By Libby // 7/19/2019


It’s that twisting in my chest
like a stone is weighing down on me
and I feel like I can’t
Measuring up is
hard to do…
stress and heartache
rolled up in a
with hot-sauce made of
stinging pride,
reminding me that I’m not
good enough
to measure up.

I’m just a
little person with a
burden, feet are dragging me
in sinking sand.
will it


I don’t deserve that.

Well yeah, but…

I’ve worked so hard
for all my life,
said my prayers,
tried to live for you, but
everything was just a
Don’t waste your grace
on me, it’s
I’ll just work harder,
push myself farther,
and maybe…someday I’ll
be worthy of grace.

Worthy? You’ll
never be worthy!
Just look at you—

I’ve tried, I’ve tried—I’m trying…
and I’m dying…

That’s how big
grace is.

Don’t tell me you’re not worthy—
you aren’t, but
at the same time,
that makes you so
worthy of grace.
‘cause grace isn’t for the people who
measure up.
It’s a gift…and you don’t need to


Wow. Absolute truth. I’m

Wow. Absolute truth. I’m going to have to read this one over and over again to give a more in depth comment, but I absolutely love this and I hope everyone else does too.
Have an amazing day today, Libby! <3

Madalyn Clare | Fri, 07/19/2019

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!

Aw, thank you, Maddie <3 That

Aw, thank you, Maddie <3 That made my day :) To tell the truth, I really didn't have much of an idea of where I was going when I first begun, but I'm glad that it turned out alright and I'm just so happy you liked it <3 Thank you!

Libby | Sun, 08/25/2019

“The gospel alone is the power of God unto salvation.
Therefore, suffer, yes. Be misunderstood, yes. Be shamed, yes. But do not be ashamed. For the joy set before you, take up your cross, follow Jesus, be shamed and despise the shame!" -- John Piper


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