A Poem By Libby // 6/7/2016

Today I know without a doubt,
That though I failed to see,
It’s clear now: I love you, and
That you have love for me.
How could I have missed it,
Being with you through each year?
Yet not until we parted,
Did I see that you are dear.
What a blessing siblings are,
Only now do I thank you,
For loving me and guiding me,
In God’s path that’s true.
I’m sorry I’ve not shown it,
At all times to you,
Forgive me, please, let’s start again,
I’ll try to show I love you.



This is very sweet, and very relatable. Siblings really are great blessings. Cousins are, too! :)

Damaris Ann | Thu, 06/09/2016

"It is the small temptations which undermine integrity unless we watch and pray and never think them too trivial to be resisted."
-Luisa May Alcott


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