Who I Am...Or Maybe Not

A Poem By Libby // 12/6/2018

I’m not a perfect person.
You know that, but I thought I’d
tell you what it’s like to be
the girl I am.
And yet, I really do not want
to tell you everything because
I am not who you think
I am—
that's just the way
I am.
And right now, I am
struggling with telling you
what’s most important, yet
I’m really dying to tell you
all about myself.
And now, I think that
I will stop
with pen and ink this
scratching on my
paper, for I do not want to
bore you any longer.
(or tell you about myself—
my real self!)
So please stop reading—
go away—
it's nicer knowing you
don’t know
about my life, and I
think that’s okay.



I actually really enjoy this. Honestly, for me (I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I'll put it here anyway ^^), it is so difficult to write about something other than myself, ha xDDD The stuff that's more important doesn't come to be as often. This is a great reminder to think outside the box, so to speak.

Heather Jones | Thu, 12/06/2018

psalm 84:10 esv / *thumbs-up*


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