Fiction By Lilly Putt // 4/26/2012

I never realized how quick life goes by.
First it was mommy, then father. Grandmother had died at fifty, you may say she lived longer than a lot of people, perhaps people who smoke, or do drugs. She didn't. I say she lived fewer years than my parents, at least, full years. My grandmother was not saved as a young child, my parents were. They served God their whole life, Grandmother only half. So I say my parents lived longer, and I say they lived long. At least as long a time as God wished to give them. I say life goes by quick, yet sometimes I feel it dragging on. Eat. Work. Eat. work. Eat. Sleep. Life goes that way every day, but then, I don't understand how it may seem to go by slow, but you find out in the morning that yesterday actually went quick---too quick. I realized that I God gives us a short amount of time here on earth, take for instance, Al Gregory, he is twenty years old and the doctors gave him only two weeks. It doesn't mean a miracle can't happen. But he was the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with, and God is taking him away. Sometimes, I feel angry and bitter at life because there are so many sorrows that come along with it. I feel joyful at life sometimes, though, because of good things it brings; like, wealth. Life goes by too quickly, it goes by, I can't say goes by like a sneeze, it goes by fast. I've thought aabout reincarnation. No, it wouldn't---it couldn't work, it just isn't logical. I've thought about everyone being gods, but no, life isn't that way. We would have been around longer. I've thought about life, life doesn't seem fair.....people kill, people abuse, people hate, people steal, etc... I've decided I'm angry, angry at God for life. He took my father, mother and grandmother. Why should I like him, he took my loved ones away. But then again, isn't it logical to take them with him to heaven? I mean, if we are his children, shouldn't he have a right over us? I don't know, life is tricky. Life hurts. Life brings joy.


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