Greyscale World

A Poem By little woman // 1/19/2013

I wonder
what life would be like,
if things were black and white.
The path to choose would always be clear -
whether to go or whether to stay
turn left, turn right
don't go there; it has no light.
The right thing to say would always be near,
if this life was black and white.
Grey issues no more
would creep through the door;
Confusion no longer trouble my sleep.
My days would be peaceful,
free of remorse
my nights content and untroubled.
Yet perhaps we are meant
to live and to learn
to become more like light
by deciphering the dusk.
Maybe we ought to live and to learn
to make some mistakes once,
but never again.
In this greyscale world we live,
surrounded by shades of shadow,
yet in the world to come,
there is only light.



I like this - it's quite true! -- Megan

Lucy Anne | Wed, 01/23/2013

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson


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