Rainbow Mud

A Poem By LoriAnn // 11/12/2010

So, I haven't posted on here in FOREVER--partly because I thought it was closing down, partly because I've been lazy, and partly because I'm in college now and HAVE NO TIME TO WRITE. I will finish Flyer, I promise (one of these days...) and will get it up here, but right now...I just don't have time.

However, I was feeling guilty because I'm supposed to be a monthly writer and I haven't written in ages, so I'm going to post this poem and a skit that I recently wrote for a drama class. Hope you enjoy, and please forgive the wait for the next part of Flyer.



Rainbow Mud


The storm cleared.

Glancing out my window

I spotted something new—

A double-decker







I gasped.

Two perfect arches

Mirrored one above the other

Blushingly fresh

Washed clean by rain

Blown dry by thunder






I ran outside.

Didn’t bother to close the door

Didn’t bother to put on shoes

Didn’t bother to walk

In a ladylike fashion

I ran

Hurtling down six half-flights of stairs

Tripping over a banister

Jamming my thumb on the door

To see the rainbow


Outside, I paused.

My breath coming in

Little huffs and puffs

I stared in wonder

Just stood


Other people stared at me

But I just grinned

Staring at the



I spun in a circle

In the wet, rainbow-dribbled grass

My toes wet

Coated with itchy grass clippings

Splash in the puddle

The rainbow drippings

Kick at the water

Laugh at the sky

Smirk at those who carefully look away

Rainbow madness


And as it fades—

Such a sad moment—

I turn and walk back inside

Sighing in satisfaction

I step onto the tile of the front hall

And my foot slips

I look down

And giggle,

Wiggling my feet

Rainbow mud between my toes



LoriAnn, this is delightful!

LoriAnn, this is delightful!

Annabel | Sat, 11/13/2010


I really like it.

Julie | Sat, 11/13/2010

Formerly Kestrel

rainbow mud

Wow, this is awesome. I love the last line and I love how you mentioned the people who are staring at you and then carefully looking away. You are a girl after my own heart. :D Join the crazy nature-lovers.

Sarah Bethany | Mon, 11/15/2010