The Tale of Ander Collins--Pronunciation Guide and Glossary

Fiction By LoriAnn // 9/25/2009

((I'll add to this as needed))

Alkemen: AL-keh-mehn. Native country to Ander, Thraluic, Shyllen and the rest.
Ander: AN-dehr. Kitchen-boy turned dragon’s servant turned dragon-friend turned hero.
Celzara: KEHL-zare-uh. Evil, usurping Feielve queen.
Denwold: DEHN-wold. Vast forest in south-west of Alkemen. Home of Thraluic and the local Feielves.
Feielves: FAY-elves. Singular: Feielve. Also known as the Forest People, a race living in the Denwold.
Forgath: FORE-gath. Mountain range in east of Alkemen. Home of Shyllen.
Jagsod: JAG-sohd. Young ogre male. Friend and traveling companion to Ander.
Kelner: KEHL-ner. Capital city of Alkemen.
Ravin: RAY-vihn. Rightful Feielve king, exiled by Celzara.
Scyth Islands: SIE-th (Islands). Archipelago in the Berik Sea; south, south-west of Alkemen.
Seletar River: SEHL-eh-TAR (River). Long river flowing north-to-south through western Alkemen
Shyllen: SHILL-ehn. Violet dragoness, can shift into form of red-haired girl.
Thraluic: THRAH-loo-ick. Black dragon, Shyllen’s uncle, Ander’s master.


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Looooove your profile pic!!! :0) See you Friday...hopefully...somehow we always end up missing each other by just a few minutes!

Oh and btw, I had no idea Shyllen was pronounced like that...LOL. Glad you posted this then, so I knew and didn't make a horrific blunder!

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