Dawn Treader Fan Script Scene by me

Fiction By Lucia // 6/19/2008

Note: I changed it from the book a lot, and they realized that the water turned matter into gold too soon. If you see any other mistakes, form typos to plot points, don't be afraid to criticize!

The scene is a tranquil one. The stream flows over the rocks, trickling into an abysmal pool. The lush grass is a glowing green, and the trees are drooping under the wight of exotic fruit that fills the air with a strange perfume. Caspian, Eustace, Edmund, Lucy, and Reepicheep walk among the springy, berry-laden bushes. Lucy starts, stops, takes a deep breath, and frowns.

Lucy: Do you smeell that, Eustace? It's so heavy, do you think it's magic?

Eustace: I don't think I'm quite enough used to magic to know.

Edmund (yelling back from up ahead where he's walking with Caspian): It's not magic, it's just the smell of this fruit.

Ed reaches up and pulls a large round purple fruit off of a bough. He takes a bite.

Ed: It's so sweet! Try some.

Eustace: I'm still feeling a little seasick.

Caspian reaches up and plucks a fruit for Reepicheep, then gets one for himself.

Reepicheep: Queen Lucy, I entreat you to try one of these fruits. Your majesty would find that it tastes as if it grew in paradise.

Caspian: Have some, Lucy.

Lucy: I'm not hungry, thanks anyway.

Caspian, Reepicheep, and Ed devour their fruit. Eustace wanders over to the stream and looks into the pool. He picks up a fallen branch and begins to fish around in the water, but the stick becomes to heavy and he drops it. Something catches his eye and he peers into the depths of the pool.

Eustace: (to himself) Hello, there's a statue in the water. (louder) Look everyone, there's a statue in the water!

Ed appears next to him. Ed's mouth is stained a deep scarlet red.

Eustace: Edmund, your mouth is bleeding!

Edmund laughs.

Ed: It's just the juice from the fruit.

He does not bother to wipe it from his face, and a few drops drip down his neck, which is eerily white in contrast. Caspian walks over. His lips also have a vampire-like appearance.

Caspian: A statue, you say? Oh, I see it now it now. I wonder if we could send some of our crew to dive and retrieve it?

Reepicheep: Nay, sire, it would weigh too much.

Ed, engrossed in thought, stares into the clear pool . Suddenly he jumps.

Ed: Back! Back from the stream all of you!

Lucy: What is it?

Ed: I've found what happened to our third lord. You see, he thought this place would be a good place for a bathe, so he stripped off his clothes, armor, and weapons, dived in, and turned into gold.

Reep: Turned into what?

Ed: Gold. I was standing near the waterfall where it met the pool, and some drops splashed on my boots, and now lok at them.

He pulls off one of his boots and holds it up for the others to inspect.

Eustace: They're spotty, full of yellow spots. So, the water turns everything it touches into gold?

Ed: Do you realize what this means?

Caspian: I claim this stream, Goldwater it shall be called, as my own. I shall be the wealthiest king in the history of Narnia. I shall conquer Archenland, Calormen, and Ettinsmoor! No one will raise his head above mine, no one shall be richer or more powereful than I!

Ed: Except for me.

Caspian: What?

Edmund: You're forgetting something, aren't you? I discovered this stream's gold-creating properties, plus you are no more king than I am!

Reep: But you do not remember those present who are of unequal stature? Half that treasure is mine!

Caspian: By whose authority?

Reep: My own.

Ed: The stream's mine, I tell you!

Caspian and Ed both reach for their sword's but all that is swinging by their sides are empty scabbards. They turn swiftly about to see that Eustace has quietly filched their swords. He is trembling but holding Caspian's and Ed's own blades pointed firmly against them.

Ed: Give me back my sword!

He lunges at Eustace but Eustace steps aside, still pointing the blades at him.

Eustace: Stay back! You too, Reepicheep. I'm twice as tall as you and have double the weapons you have.

Reep: And half the courage!

Lucy: Oh please, all of you, stop!

Caspian: Return Edmund's weapon and my own so that we may decide the owner of the stream by means of single combat.

Eustace: I don't know what's come over you. Don't you remember your mission? Don't you want to find the last four lords? You're abandoning your mission, and getting ready to- to kill your friend. All for what? Gold? Is it worth it? Caspian, you're acting like I did in the dragon's lair. Like a pig. Why? You used to be much better than I am.

Caspian's eyes do not soften. Since Eustace's attention has been wholly centered on Caspian, he does not realize that Ed has slipped away from under sword point and is working his way round to the back of Eustace, who is precariously near the edge of the stream. Now Ed is poised, ready to push...

Lucy (screaming): Stop it!

Suddenly, from the bottom of the pool, there is a flash of real, living, fiery gold, and a roar that shakes the earth. Reepicheep, Caspian, and Ed start, and look as if they were just remembering something. A new light comes into their eyes.

Caspian: What was I saying?

Lucy: Really horrible things.

She runs to Caspian and puts her arms around him, shedding tears into his armor. Ed drops upon the grass and puts his hands over his face, then looks at Eustace.

Ed(almost tearfully): I was about to push you in. By the lion, I was about to push you in!

He hides his face in his hands again. Eustace puts a hand on his shoulder.

Eustace: It's all right, old chap.

Reepicheep: I have acted extremely selfishly. My honor is stained forever!

Lucy: No it's not, it was those awful fruits that did it. They must have been enchanted.
Caspian: No, Lu, they were part of it, but there was a point, when I was looking at the gold, that I realized that I could choose between fighting the heavy influence of that fruit- it was awful, like being suffocated, but I know I could have fought it- or just letting go. I let go. How can we ever apologize enough?

Eustace: You can't, but I forgive you.

They start walking away. They are quiet for about five minutes, trampling through the woods.

Caspian: There shall be no word of this to the crew, understood?

Ed: That's a good idea. If we mentioned it, and they came here, who knows what would happen?

Reep: It's no Goldwater, that's certain. It's really Deathwater.

They all nod in silent agreement as they progress toward the Dawn Treader, leaving Deathwater forever.


Hey, I like it a

Hey, I like it a lot.
Really, it's just a dramatized version of the real chapter. Keep up the good work!

Sarah | Thu, 06/19/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!

The next movie could use

The next movie could use that.
"We could gather nuts!"-Squirrel from Prince Caspian
"Yes, and throw them at the Talmerians!"-Reepicheep from Prince Caspian

Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Sat, 12/06/2008


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