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An Essay By Lucia // 12/31/2007

I accompanied my dad while he went Christmas shopping for my brothers at "Cabela's, the world's foremost hunting outfitter." Hunting is not exactly my cup of tea. It was not fun to spend five hours there.

Dad looks at BB guns. I wait.

Dad looks at air soft guns. I wait some more.

Dad looks at rifles. I wait even more.

Dad looks at pop guns. You guessed it, I'm waiting even some more.

Dad looks at rubber-band guns. I suppress a yawn.

Finally, after waiting in a fairly long line, we check out. We are just near the door, and I can almost taste the fresh, clear air, and almost see the beautiful dark blue sky--when dad realizes he forgot something and goes back in, telling me to wait.

So I do, nursing my aching feet. There is a Salvation Army lady besides me, ringing her tinny bell. She has a melancholy look on her plump face. I search in my purse for some change, and drop it in. Her face lights up.
"Thank you. Merry Christmas!"
A pack of young people passes by, but they give barely a look or a few seconds of thought to the call of the little bell. The lady sighs. Dad arrives. Glad to see him, I join up with him and walk out the door. Just before the door swings shut, the Salvation Army volunteer sighs.
Now I know why.
A week after Christmas, I heard on the radio that the Salvation Army came $10,000,000 short this year than they had expected to recieve in donations.

This Christmas season, please don't forget to give. Be it to the huddled homeless person just outside the church doors, or by mail to the hungry-eyed children in Africa, or just a drink of water to a younger brother or sister, don't forget to give. The world needs it.


I donate money when I have

I donate money when I have money to donate. Most of the time I don't.

Megan | Sat, 01/05/2008


Me too,

and that's okay if you don't. Just try to give your time or help to some one, even if they are only a part of your family. Just keep the spirit of giving in your heart!

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.

Lucia | Sat, 01/05/2008

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.


I'm always gving my loose change.
I always feel sorry for the volunteers...........

Sarah | Sun, 01/06/2008

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!


It must be like trying to raisse money for your baseball team.I did that for soccor once. Going door to door is not fun, especially when people own big dogs...

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.

Lucia | Sun, 01/06/2008

Scio, diligo, servo Deum.