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Age: 30

Favorite word(s): why?, knowledge, schlange

Who am I?

It's quite amazing what has happened to me since I last posted on here... Who am I?... I question I feel I can now answer. I am Luke Kavanagh, 18 years old, English. I am a student at the University Of Canterbury in Christchurch New Zealand, doing a Bachelor Of Science Major in Geography and minor in Psychology and also studying Philosophy. Since moving to Christchurch in February of this year, I have really developed as a person. I'm no longer defined by my family and how I have been seen by them my whole entire life. Another thing I want to add. I have fallen in Love. I met the most amazing person, Katrina. She's my friend... which means she already has a boyfriend. But these feelings I have for her are as strong as ever. I sort of told her how I feel... but I dont want to make things akward. Ahh... I've rambled on again. Message me. Comment me. Have faith in yourself and those around you! Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!


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