Fallen Nature

A Poem By Madalyn Clare // 10/13/2017

“My LORD, my God, I offer You my pain!
In my suff’ring, let Your Name reign!”
I praise You now, I love You as my kin-
I crown You only with the thorns of my sin.

I hold You in the highest aristocracy-
I shame You in words of hypocrisy.
“Let demons cry at Your Word on my tongue!”
It became a serpent’s fork when on the Cross you hung.

“I’ll never forsake You, not even at death!”
How the Devil befriends me in a single breath.
“Let Your glory be the only in the land!”
My following words driving nails in Your hand.



This is incredible! It's so beautiful Madalyn, great job! This truly reminds me of the Act of Contrition. A beautiful piece, I can't wait to see more!

Mica Irjo | Sun, 10/15/2017


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