Why Soldier of God May Be Discontinued

An Essay By Madalyn Clare // 12/16/2017

So I feel a little sheepish right now.

Aquilus' journey may come to a halt on AP, but I'm still writing it and I may put it back on in the future when it's finished.
Let me explain; Soldier of God is a story (turning novel length [eep!]) about the persecuted Church in the first century under Emperor Nero. This is justified for a level of violence in itself.
But the story's taken a very important turn that doesn't follow the standards of AP, so I've been really conflicted in finishing the chapters that I was going to publish weeks ago.
Soldier of God contains talk of persecution, a lot of talk of death, and shows a very limited amount of it. However, the scene I am concerned about is when Cassian finds out that Aquilus is a Jew. He flips out very badly and he punishes Hadassah for raising 'his' son that way. Flavia is killed within this scene.
Romans were very temperamental. A man could repudiate his wife for absolutely any reason (and they would). To create an environment for Aquilus to find faith and solace in God and in the truth of Christ, I planned to create a pathway very hard for him. I drew inspiration from the lives of the Catholic saints that lived in that time frame (Saint Augustine, Saint Martin of Tours, Ignatius of Antioch, etc.) and their hardships to write a real personal life that is redeemed through Our Lord in the end. The problem is that before we get to the end, the road is very intense.
All this is very important to the storyline, and I don't know if I can post it on Apricot Pie.
So I should ask before I delete the story or publish it or simply cut the scene out with a description of what came of it (not exactly what Cassian did but why Aquilus is running); what should I do?


Would you like to weigh in,

Would you like to weigh in, James?

Damaris Ann | Sun, 12/17/2017

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Hi Madalyn, Thanks for being

Hi Madalyn,
Thanks for being concerned, and respectful of the standards. :) I would say, violence can and does have a place in writing.

Back when I introduced the standards, I saw that Apricot Pie was drifting. While the site was not explicitly Christian, it was still very Christian in its values generally embraced by most members, because most members were, well, Christians. The result was that most of the writing was wholesome and uplifting. But after Ben handed the site off to me, under my watch things started shifting. Fornication was portrayed as OK. Swearing and taking God's name in vain was being normalized.

I finally took action. However, I think I may have overstated my case when I did so.

I'll say this about violence... I think what you have described above can be posted on Apricot Pie, if it's written well and tastefully (tastefully may be an odd word to use about violence... what I mean is as tastefully as is reasonable given the subject matter).

Generally, what we want to avoid in violence is (a) violence for violence' sake (which I don't think you're in danger of) and (b) being too graphic in describing it (which is harder to judge and define, because how graphic is too graphic?).

If you'd like, I could review a draft of the scene you described and let you know my thoughts. :)

James | Sun, 12/17/2017

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Ok, thank you! I'll send it

Ok, thank you! I'll send it to you when I have the chance.

Madalyn Clare | Sun, 12/17/2017

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