Would There Really Be?

A Poem By Madalyn Clare // 5/31/2017

Would there really be
A boy such as he?
A boy in bright lincoln leaves?

Is better a story than
The one of Peter Pan,
Flying ‘bove the house’s eaves?

Would there possibly be
A girl such as she?
A girl brave as Tiger?

Is braver a steady soul,
Than one tied to the ship’s hull,
As pirates thought what to do with her?

Would it be believable,
Halfway conceivable,
For a man evil as Hook?

If it were all true,
Would the day we rue
When we were captured by his look?

Would there really be
A mind as Barrie’s*,
So full of love and innocence?

Could we really be certain
There is no such villain,
So full of hate without repentance?

Could we begin to fathom,
Picture, ponder, or imagine,
Such a fairy tale brand?

Could it all exist outside
The bounds of our mind,
This perfect Neverland?


I love this! My little sister

I love this! My little sister and I are actually about to watch Peter Pan (for the first time, can you believe it???), so I was excited when I realized what the poem was about. I know bits and peieces of the storyline, but I'm excited to see it altogether.
The rhythm and flow are very well done! It is pleasing to read.

Damaris Ann | Wed, 05/31/2017

I am an overcomer through Christ alone, for the glory of God alone.


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