13 going on 14

An Essay By Maddi // 9/15/2012

I started writing this a while ago; then finished it of just now. Enjoy!

* * *
I'm turning fourteen in a month.

For my thirteenth birthday I was so excited about becoming a teenager. This year, sure, I've been excited that I'm turning a different number. Don't get me wrong, I have every year.

But this year I’m not so sure that’ll I wake up at 3:00 on my birthday morning and stay awake till it’s time to get up, not too mention opening my presents at 7:00 on the dot.

This year, if a birthday present comes in the mail before the day, I don’t think I’ll bug mum till she’s dead over if I can open it a day before the day.

This year is different. I feel like I’ve had 5 years of maturing except I’ve only had 3 months. Crazy, I know.

Sometimes I feel like I’m 13 going on 16. Sometimes I wish I was. Oh, I know, I know, all the more responsibility, but seriously? I could get a job, be closer to voting, be closer to being able to drive, AND shorting the years left of school to 2 years instead of 4! But yes, I know, there are lots of other things as well.

Just for fun (thanks for the idea, Kyleigh), here are 32 facts about yours truly, ME!

1. I absolutely hate algebra. Why do I have to do it?! I am not mathematically minded, and I’m definitely not going to become an engineer. And I’m so NOT about to become a high school maths teacher. Why…??

2. I am tall, built, (but NOT fat) and I always could use a diet.

3. Hormones take very good effect on me. I can be laughing hysterically over absolutely nothing; going crazy and banging on the walls or kicking the wardrobe in my frustration, and feel down in the dumps whenever.

4. I’ve always wanted to call someone on a pay phone.

5. To travel would be great. Fiji, Bali or Hawaii sounds so exotic. I’d be just relaxing, getting sunburned and just chilling.

6. I love it when adults talk to me like I’m their friend.

7. I’ve got an obsession with fairies. LOVE to draw them.

8. I put milk in my camomile tea.

9. When I was born, I couldn’t breathe on my own, so for my first 18 hours I was in an incubator. The nurse put a cute, little pink beanie on my head.

10. I have a natural talent for being messy.

11. Extremely picky on food hygiene and just normal hygiene.

12. My main addictions are: Chocolate, lots of honey in my tea, nuts (which in turn has made me nutty; no pun intended), soccer, and more chocolate!

13. Faults: Picking food when it’s being prepared (mum hates it), being on the internet when its time for school work, not reading the Bible enough, forgetting to brush my teeth, not to mention flossing (it’s so not natural!). I doodle on everything. That includes mum’s shopping lists. And of course. Starting stories and never finishing them.

14. My character: Being so curious about surprises, or if mum hides anything from me. Coming up with fantastic projects, but not doing anything about it. Dream big, act little. Bubbly. My siblings, whenever someone says to me “You act so mature!” They’ll say: “Not at home!” I have to admit: its fal—true. Very creative. I laugh a LOT—I’m a giggle girt. I embarrass myself regularly.

15. I love making up stories about the people out on the street. What’s their personality? Do they have any personal problems? What work/school do they go too? Or I think if they look shady, a good-goody or someone out of a movie.

16. I tend to hold all my emotions in about something; then when something small happens I blow my top, either crying, yelling or shutting myself in my room and poring my little heart out into my diary.

17. On the topic of diaries, I’ve tried numerous times to keep one constantly. Trust me, it never works. Longest I’ve been able to keep one would for a couple of weeks. Oh, then there was one that I kept for 4 months; but that doesn’t count. I was brain washed by Anne Frank’s diary. Or you could call it inspired.

18. Elizabeth I is one of my most admired history characters. (Character isn’t really the right word, but I think you know what I mean… I hope…)

19. I love fairies. Opps, I think I already mentioned that. Oh, I wish I had portals to other worlds, how exciting would that be?! Fairy land, Narnia, the Hundred Acre wood, Mermaid world, oh, and a time machine would also be on my wish list.

20. I like to scrapbook, but I don’t regularly get the time to. If you walked into my room, you would find photos on the walls, cupboard doors, on my bookshelf (but in picture frames) and my door.

21. If I had a mascot soft toy, it would be Pooh Bear. I wish I could go visit Tigger, Rabbit, Eyore, Piglet, Kanga and Roo in the Hundred Acre Wood.

22. Want to know a secret? There is no number 22!

23. I still love the Disney Princesses. Correction: I just got into loving them! I used to scorn them as a little girl. I was a tom-boy, duh! But back to the princesses, their like my sisters… I know them inside out. I guess you could say I’m in love with all the cartoons Walt Disney made up. Thanks Walt!

24. Anne Shirley is my most ‘kindred spirit’ ever. I laugh every time I watch the movie. Funny. She reminds me of someone I know quite well…

25. I’m a very loud person. But only my mum and siblings could tell you that.

26. I moved ten times in my fourteen years of living. I’ve rented 3 times, moved 3 times in 2 ½ years, and am finally reaping the benefits of living in a bought house, from over 2 years of stupid renting!

27. Being the oldest in the family has its down points, but I like it. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have an older brother though. Or a twin.

28. As I mentioned above, I was a tom-boy. WAS. Now, I quite like being a girly-girl. But, I still love climbing trees (although, at the right intervals) and I love getting dirty, and exploring. Okay, you wouldn’t exactly call me a girly-girl. I just like to care about my appearance most of the time. But no way does that stop me from having fun!

29. One day, I will do an all-nighter. (staying up the whole night.)

30. Yep is such a cool word, don’t you think? Yep.

31. I learnt to read when I was six; and was reading chapter books like James and the Giant Peach in two hours when I was seven. I had learnt all my multiplication skills by year 5; and started running writing in year 3, and (yay!) it comes fluently from year 6-7.

32. P.S. I’m in year 8. That’s all folks.


Well, happy belated birthday!

Well, happy belated birthday!

I hate math. But algebra isn't too bad. I love it when adults talk to me as their friend. But in order for that to happen, I need to start the conversation. Because normally a public schooler would probably want to hang out with their own age group so sometimes adults aren't used to me talking to them like an adult with them. And I just love talking to adults. Love chocolate. Especially DARK. Love the Anne movie. Ask my friends. ;) Recently, I have been wishing that I had a older brother--you know, to protect me... :) This was interesting; thanks for sharing! :)

Lucy Anne | Sun, 09/16/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you! I love starting

Thank you! I love starting conversations with adults; especially if you've only met them for the first time. They're eyes widen just a bit in amazement that someone under 18 is talking to them; talking to them more than a "Hello, yeah, I'm fine." What I really meant up there was when mum's friends talk to me like I'm their friend. Oh, great feeling.

Dark's not my favourite; but it's better than nothing! White's so creamy...my mouth's watering. And I LOVE the Anne movie as well. Have you seen the Narnia ones? You know, since you're crazy about it...from what I've gathered anyway! Yeah same, I'd love an older brother as well...to protect and for once someone to take the responsibility of being oldest! :) You're the oldest as well, right? How many siblings do you have?

Maddi | Sun, 09/16/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I know, I like to see their

I know, I like to see their eyes widen. I especially love it when they notice the way I dress and ask about it or when they wonder how on earth I and my sisters are so quiet. Well, it's because we homeschool! *Laughs.*

Yes, I have seen the William Mosley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes, and Georgie Henley version of the Chronicles of Narnia. I have only seen the first and second. The first is wonderful, fabulous! The second is horrible, horrible. There are SOME good parts though. But I hate the Caspian/Susan thing and the whole castle raid. I mean, how could you do something like that to a book so good? Oh and yes, what's with Peter and Edmund fighting in the train station? Weren't they supposed to be more mature?? Okay, I'm done ranting. But of course, there ARE some good parts. "For Narnia! ...and for Aslan!"

I'm the oldest of three other sisters. :)

Lucy Anne | Sun, 09/16/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yeah, those are the ones I've

Yeah, those are the ones I've seen. Mm, Ed and Peter are supposed to be more mature; but I've been observing boys lately and when they're angry about something like that, they feel like they have to stand up for themselves, and, for boys it means fists...girls usually use nasty words. Don't you love the beach where they come back to Narnia? Oh, I wish I could go there! It's in New Zealand, apparently. The water's so clear! I've never, even in a swimming pool seen clearer water. "For Narnia! And for Aslan!" one of my favourite bits. :D And the third's okay...it's been a while since I watched it. I watched part of Prince Caspian on Youtube the other day, actually. It was really annoying, we had to skip bits because it wouldn't come up with different parts. Arrh, one of my pet peeves. XD

Maddi | Tue, 09/18/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

You like Algebra but not Math?

   That's like saying that you hate LEGO bricks but don't mind making things with them! Mathematics are the building blocks for Algebra. Anyways, I don't think that I've ever met a girl who likes math a lot.

   Talking with adults is wonderful, because usually you can have a better conversation with them than you could with someone your age; usually.

   Have either of you seen the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia? I like them more even though they are cheesy sometimes with people in costumes. The new The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe wasn't bad though.

Arthur | Thu, 09/20/2012

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."


Sorry, now I see that I wasn't making sense. So forget what I said. I'm using Jacob's Algebra and I like it better than Rod and Staff Math, Saxon Math, and Singapore Math. You see, as the oldest in my family, I'm the "guinea pig." My parents kept switching from different curricula and in result, my Math foundation is unstable. And they're still experimenting with different curriculums now. I practically change curriculums every year until we can find something that goes well with me. That's one of the highlights of homeschooling! :) More examples: During the past few years I have been changing Science curricula from My Father's World to Abeka to Rod and Staff and starting last year, I did Apoligia(sp?). I love it! Dr. Jay Wile (the author of the book) explains the Science so well that I can visualize it and he makes it interesting. :) And this year, for History, we're trying out Tapestry of Grace. Yes, so that's how I'm the "guinea pig" in my family and so with my younger sister, my parent's are not giving her Saxon Math 4/3 (or is it Saxon Math 3/4?) when she is in 1st grade like they did me. And wow, that was HARD.

But I still don't like Math. I have a friend who is extremely good in Math and no one teaches her and she loves it. I like LEGO bricks though. :)

I have seen a little of the BBC version of the Chronicles of Narnia on youtube. It's alright. The costumes are cheesy and Aslan is ugh. Have you seen the BBC Prince Caspian? What a cheesy and corny way to get into Narnia--"We've been called..." dreamy look on all faces and they swirl around into the air like a clock. (!) And horrors, those masks! But at least they stay true to the book unlike the new Prince Caspian.

Lucy Anne | Thu, 09/20/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oh, sorry about that! I

Oh, sorry about that! I didn't mean that exactly. I meant that, yes, even though I do really hate maths, algebra isn't the worst. Or, it wasn't when I wrote that comment...now I feel like I can't hold any more in my head! And I love building Lego, it's pretty relaxing. And I haven't seen any of these BBC versions of Narnia, either. :D

Megan: I do Apologia as well; I'm doing Exploring Creation with General Science. Have you heard of the curricurlum sonlight? It's an American one. We just got it and unpacked yesterday. We got two cores, and there was over 100 books!! :)

P.S. And I'm doing Math U See for maths :)

Maddi | Thu, 09/20/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

   Don't ever use any

   Don't ever use any curriculum for science other than Apologia. It's the only one out there that is easy to understand. Although Apologiapress really needs to publish a course on entomology...

   For math I use Teaching Textbooks, which is somewhat like Saxon, but a lot easier. Sometimes I wish that I was doing Saxon, because it is, in my opinion, it is best for those who wish to go into the upper maths like Calculus. Of course, not everyone goes that far in math so it is not for everyone. Basically, Saxon is for the hard core high-school mathmaticians.

   My history course is the best. My mother hand picks history books and novels and all sorts of books and has me read them. My favorite author of history is Albert Marrin. If you haven't read any of his books, I encourage you to read one. Once you've read one, you'll not stop.

   Sorry, I didn't mean to shift the conversation from Narnia.

Arthur | Fri, 09/21/2012

"My greatest wish for my writing is that it would point you to the Savior."

Maddi: I did Exploring

Maddi: I did Exploring Creation with General Science last year. This year I am doing Exploring Creation with Physical Science. My friends use Sonlight. Tapestry of Grace is little different from Sonlight because it's a little more work and you have to think more. And instead of textbooks, you read many different novels and books that covers what is happening all over the world during that period. I wouldn't be surprised if the amount of books reach 100 with the rate it's making me read a week, ;) And I've never used Math U See but have seen it before. :)

Arthur: I agree. Apologia is the best. I actually like Saxon--the way they explained stuff. When I used Singapore Math and didn't understand something, I would always go to Saxon. :) And also, I do Khan Academy for Math. www.khanacademy.org

Ever used it or heard of it, you two?

For English, I am doing Rod and Staff Grammar. SO good. It's tedious but then you get used to it. It's really, really good. I've never learned how to write (when I was younger I scared my parents with my writing but now I scare my parents with my Math, :D) but since I've wanted to pursue English, I just started Writing Strands this year. It's good, so far...

Lucy Anne | Fri, 09/21/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've kind of just been

I've kind of just been reading the comments (because the discussion on math is interesting!) and wanted to add we use Khan for our math. :) I actually prefer something called Math is Fun, though. For Algebra.

Madeline | Fri, 09/21/2012

everything was better when/you would call and I'd be like/yeah babe, no way

Good essay :) I also liked

Good essay :) I also liked the discussion in the comments. Algebra and math are absolutely horrible, but I understand why they're necessary. I like Jacob's Algebra, hated Singapore, and liked the original Math-U-See books but then the writer changed and I didn't like them anymore. My life with math has been quite complicated.
I'm starting an AP biology course pretty soon, am already doing AP history, and plan to do AP English, and possibly AP Enviromental Science or some foreign language. I've already done Latin.
I love education discussions, lol. :)

Erin | Wed, 10/10/2012

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

I love education discussions. :D

Though I don't like to admit it, I do like Jacob's Algebra. Singapore was just so hard because I just couldn't get the concept so I got so mixed up and my years doing that was horrible. Especially I was doing that by myself. Well, I still do most subjects by myself...so yeah, my life with all subjects have been complicated too! :D

Lucy Anne | Wed, 10/10/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

You sound just like me!

You sound just like me :-D I kept on reading and saying "yep, me too" LOL! Especially the chocolate part... so do you like milk chocolate or Dark chocolate? LOL! Oh and # 3... ack, totally understand how that is!
My sister was put into incubater too! But probably for not as long.
I think the only thing I was like "well that's not like me" was when you said Elizabeth I was your most admired history character, and that you read the Dairy of Anne Frank (I'm too scared to read it, because I have a feeling that I'll be bawling my eyes out the whole time)

Kassady | Fri, 10/12/2012

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


I didn't read the comments before now! LOL!
So Maddi... you don't like Dark chocolate? Your not my friend anymore! LOL! Kidding... or am I? Haha! White chocolate is good... But dark chocolate is... *sighs in rapture* "Bitter the better"! Hehehe!

Eh, I think I watched some of the BCC or BBC (what is it?) Narnia movies when I was Methodist... but I only remember bits... Not my favorite. I really like the new version. But I totally agree with you Lucy Anne, they totally messed up Prince Caspian! Ick! Totally horrified with the whole Caspian/Susan affair (AHHHHH)! And the castle battle was totally unnecessary!

Math (don don don)! You guys are funny discussing it. I used to do Math U See and still practise some of his... practises. I'm now doing Khan Academy for math, and enjoying it a lot better! Though... my math grade is probably... third... second grade? LOL! I haven't even touched the subject of Algebra... but I had been getting into Geometry... for awhile. Though I struggle with the word problem math with Khan Academy I like it the most because it's practising math with real life things that you have to solve... LOL! If that makes any sense.

What does that author write Arthur? I haven't heard of him? What genre does he usually write? Right now I'm really into "Les Miserables" and "The Great Gatsby", so is that authors works anything like those?

Interesting discussions!

Kassady | Fri, 10/12/2012

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

I love 14!

I wish I was this age again....it was one of my favorite years! I felt SO myself, and so in love with who I was. :D I always mentally reference that age if I ever need to remember again.
I especially identified with 3, 6, 15, 16, 19, 23, and 27. It's so funny to think you haven't stayed up all night ever. But then again, I hadn't either at your age, and you haven't been to college yet!! Two things to say to you: you will definitely travel the world...and you will also do big things. People who dream big when they're a teen tend to do big things in adulthood. But NOW'S your dreaming time. Put in over-time!!
And now I'll stop my condescending tone (didn't mean to do it) - and just say that this was a fascinating read! :) I also loved it when adults talked to me like friends.

EDIT: Was it your birthday yesterday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Sarah Bethany | Tue, 10/16/2012

Kassady: Thanks! But no, I

Kassady: Thanks! But no, I much prefer milk chocolate to dark. :D Looks like you're not my friend anymore!!

Bethany: Yes, thanks for reading! About staying up all night...yes, when I go for a holiday back up to see my friends it might JUST happen...shh, don't tell dad. Thanks for the encouragement. I want to go away for a while, now, actually. More and more I'm talking to adults like I'M their friend. I was brought up to address an adult with a prefix Mr or Mrs and then their surname, but now, I don't feel quite inclined to do that. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes! No, it wasn't yesterday, more like a few months ago. I started writing it before my b'day, but, knowing me, it was finished and posted way later. :D

Maddi | Tue, 10/16/2012

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

Pretty funny! Here are some

Pretty funny!
Here are some similarities:

1. Totally HATE math!

2. Pretty tall too (actually 6.1')

7. I like to draw too.. just not fairies...

13. Agreed with EVERYTHING said!

15. I do that too! Especially when we're traveling so much.

25. My oldest sister can tell you I'm really loud too.

27. I can't really help you with being the oldest since I'm the YOUNGEST in my family. But I would like to know how it would be to have a little sister or brother or even a twin!

29. It would be totally AWESOME to stay up all night... with a bunch of friends of course.

And yes, "Yep" is a pretty cool word.

j. Glen pollard | Wed, 02/27/2013

"The trip is a difficult one. I will not be myself when I reach you."-When I Reach Me.

Thanks for reading!

Still hate it.
Whoa! That is really tall. I'm not that tall!
Good. I love drawing faces now.
Yeah, I reckon staying up by yourself would be a bit boring.
Yep. Definitely.
Looking forward to more of your writing!

Maddi | Thu, 02/28/2013

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


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