Fiction By Maddi // 3/31/2014

Poetry reading during shop hours was forbidden, but I broke the rule gleefully. I breathed in the old, musty pages of my book, wondering how anyone could prohibit such enjoyment in literature.

It was snowing outside. Just the look of it made me grateful for the coal burner under the counter, to warm my feet inside their black stockings and shiny shoes.

I had just glanced down at the pages again when the shop doorbell jingled, signalling the arrival of a customer. I quickly slid the book into its secret wooden compartment, smoothed my skirt and tried not to slouch like Aunt Phyllis told me.

A man, tall and sturdy, stepped into the warm haven of the shop. The brim of his hat covered his face, so I could not observe his features just yet. He carried a miniature grandfather clock under his arm, which, I noticed, had stopped its time telling quite a while ago. He awkwardly tried to brush of the snow collected on his shoulders with his one free hand while gazing at our wall of assorted clocks. Their endless ticking was enough to drive me mad some days.

I cleared my throat loudly enough for him to hear. “Hello, I’m Margaret. Can with anything?”

He swung around, my voice startling him, I suppose. I gasped as I caught sight of the colour of his eyes. They were grey, such an unusual colour. Light, piercing grey, and they bored straight ahead into mine, alert but strangely absent. He was beyond doubt a stranger in this town, since I’d never seen or heard of the likes of him before.

“Margaret?” He echoed. An odd look was on his face, as if he recognised me. But it couldn’t be. He didn’t look the slightest bit familiar. I piped up to answer.

“Yes. What is your name, sir?”

His eyes were still boring into mine. Then he shook his head as if to clear any absurd notions he might have been pondering.

“Robert.” He placed the clock under his arm carefully, so he had one hand free. He extended it toward me.

“My Robert.”


Ah!! I positively adore it :)

Ah!! I positively adore it :) I love the whole mysterious air that surrounds it, and I'd love to see a possible sequel, if that's what you had in mind! (Also, irony, my parents names are Margaret and Robert...)

Flying Past Clouds | Wed, 04/23/2014


Aww, really? Your comment was so sweet. Thankyou!
A sequel does sound possible, but in the very near future it doesn't sound so possible. So maybe!

OH MY GOSH REALLY?! Wow! That is so...weird. Haha, pretty funny though :)

Maddi | Thu, 04/24/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh


Oops! Sorry! I forgot to comment last time I read this.
This is really fabulous! Such a wonderful little snippet of fiction. It tickled the imagination and filled me with anticipation and excitement. I enjoyed the descriptions, which were informative but not like Tolkien long! LOVED!!! I really love the air of mystery this has, so much fun!
I agree! Hope there is a sequel! And if not a sequel, more little snippets like this!
FABOO! LOVE! Totally want more!

Kassady | Thu, 05/01/2014

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!

Thankyou! I was trying to

Thankyou! I was trying to write some descriptive pieces lately, so this was the result :) Haha, glad it wasn't "Tolkien long" !
I have a snippet coming up, actually :D Not a sequel to this, but still, something worth posting, I think!

Maddi | Thu, 05/01/2014

Goodbye? Oh no, please. Can’t we just go back to page one and start all over again?” – Winnie The Pooh

I love it Maddi! Keep up the

I love it Maddi! Keep up the good work. I love how it's short, but so captivating. And you make a normal situation into something terrific and really interesting!

Mikaela Grace | Sat, 07/26/2014

Do Justice//Love Mercy//Walk Humbly

I just read this and I

I just read this and I absolutely love it! I too want a sequel. Please? =)

Damaris Ann | Wed, 10/08/2014

God uses the milestones as stepping stones to bring us closer to Him. We may not see it in the moment, but we can always look back and see the memorials of His love in the crumbles of our stumbling blocks.


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