An Essay By Maddie J-3 // 3/11/2008

Spring! What a wonderful time of year it is! When all the animals give a loud shout for the long, cold winter days are over. When the butterflies go around happily from the newly sprung flowers. Color just seems to burst everywhere all of the sudden, so bright and cheerful, it is amazing if one can live through another gray, dull winter.
All the baby animals take their first peek at the wide world. We have an abundance of deer in our property. I have gained their confidence and walk around them freely! The baby deer jump and leap with joy for they have green grass to eat, instead of the hard, tasteless bark that they had managed to swallow. Their legs are free to move, the fresh air has a gentle spice to it.
The squirrel family comes out of their faithful tree and bolt from branch to branch with enthusiasm! They don’t even bother to scold at the turtle crawling below them.
The birds fill their chests with the sweet spring air and sing with amazing strength.
The water, free of being frozen all winter, gushes and gurgles down every stream with joyful merriment! What an amazing time!
God has given us this colorful world for us to live in. I thank Him every day for Spring. Because He created it.


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