Character Sketch ~ Linwood Godfrey~ My own character

An Essay By Anonymous // 2/9/2010

The main villian of a 1920s, historical fiction novel. Enjoy!!


Can one man so easily become a persistent terror to whoever come across him?

            Many wouldn’t dare believe that there was such a man alive among the common. But Linwood in the dark alleys, in the abandoned shelters and in the open roadways of Detroit is such a man.
            There is something inexpressible about a first encounter with him. By description of character, you expect a repugnant fiend that crawls out of the gutters and feeds on human souls. He appears unnatural, no doubt, but his façade blinds the moral eyes of women and robs their hearts away.
            He is perfectly muscular and flawlessly tanned. Eyes like blades of untarnished silver sink tenderly into your own but moreover; a vindictive confidence ripples through them like the incoming tide of the ocean. A swathe of boldly dark hair sweeps over his eyes while his voice like tranquil whispers pulls out towards you like the arms of the dawns.
            Like a spider pulling a fly into its snare, his deception only leads to a merciless death. His promises, so persuasive and so diplomatic, are his webs, spun like a dream and heartless like a hungry lion tearing apart its kill.
            Many crumble around him; many soul's walls crush beneath his feet. Many lives are destroyed; many virtues are taken. Many throats are slit and many bodies are shattered.
            But they evoke sadistic pleasure from his spirit. He entertains himself with such ruthless bliss. His happiness springs from devastation and his fulfillment from the depth of the grave.
            As he and his accomplices roam the streets at dusk, bloodthirsty for game, a shadow blankets the atmosphere. The choir of the tortured souls he’s vanquished cry out a despairing chorus at his entry. Horror and unshakable terror is pierced into every heart that sees his face.
            Linwood Godfrey is such a man.



That made me SHIVER!!!! He sounds sooo scary!!! Is he a real historical character, or did you just make him up? Epic!!!! I would be scared of this guy!!!!

Clare | Sun, 02/14/2010

Whew! Wow! I agree with

Whew! Wow! I agree with Clare. This was epic. Creepy, creepy, creepy. You did that so well, with the descriptions and everything. I want to read the story he's in.

Laura Elizabeth | Mon, 03/08/2010

The best stories are those that are focused, unassuming, and self-confident enough to trust the reader to figure things out. --


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