Writing---An incredible gift

A Poem By Anonymous // 12/10/2009

Notebook flipped open to an empty page

Pencil in hand, eraser in range

A mess of ideas desperately waiting to be written

But yet I think to myself, "Where is my inspiration?!"


Empty, like a useless vessel, I feel

If I was really blessed with such an incredible gift

Why am I not pouring it out to the world?


Oh what a God-given gift I have blessed with!

The gift to design a world of my own

The gift to sing without a voice

The gift to fly on the wings of the wind

The gift to escape into the magic of imagination

The gift to dream


Dreaming of a land beyond imagination

Beyond the boundaries of reality

Beyond the rules and regulations of sense

Beyond the depths of depression and depths


Bringing in a time to sing

A time to dance

A time to laugh

A time to smile


A time for adventure

A time for suspense

A time for hope

A time for all things to end

But for eternity to begin


Praise God!

Like a candle in the dark, my gift will shine

To bring others from the darkness into the marvelous Life

Like the soft raindrop sounds of the piano, my gift will bring hope and wonder

If I allow God to work through me

I ask for my gift to glorify You, my Lord and Saviour

Let it sound out Your name

Let it bless Your heart





The gift to sing without a

The gift to sing without a voice


That was my favorite line. :)

Anna | Mon, 12/14/2009

I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right. --The Book Thief


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