A Poem By Mairead // 2/1/2010


muddy boots, thoughts of rain,

air, air,

chilly morning in haze

red barn door contrasting 

murmur of anxious nickers asking

you caress,

brown eyes and hooves



saddle and reins tighten,

awaiting, awaiting,

the racing of two

girth groans the saddle creaks 

you feel,

the wish with happiness 



the urge of the wind says

come, come, 

it beckons and lifts you up

invisible hands that reach beneath 

your arms and wrap around you

you go,

rising, swift and true



flowing mane

beauty, beauty,

exudes from Makers hands

you give your yes to the wanting rush

and you fly with the creatures demands

you smile,

exhilaration, alive and renewed 



the force of the wind says

slow, slow,

it changes it's tone and 

as your arms are stiff and unbending 

it beats your chest and cries in your ear

you quiet,

unhurried, slow, without fear



ruddy cheeks

tinge, tinge,

of chill and bitterness

the rocking gait with harsh wind now brings tears

the faces that hold reserve, one with creation and earth

you urge,

calm persistence and force



leaves chase

rhythm, rhythm,

they chase the active tail

with black hooves pressing pounding the dirt

in constant eagerness. The two of you, consistent 

you pierce,

the air in quickening motion, eager into fierce 



then it's paused

halting, halting

you reach the top beyond the ending point 

it used to be the bane that you hadn't thrashed

but you have moved on, the nerves have passed

you stop,

your rides never mundane



a shiver glances from mount to rider

hushed, hushed, 

you relax in stillness once on the heights

freedom forms your lips  

you sigh,

more like a gasp, at the success 



your breath with the sun

peace, peace,

it breaks the awaited, hear it call your name

until you answered it was silent but then it changed

when it called you, fearless you came. 


i loved it! perfect ending.

i loved it! perfect ending. the rhythm is great, too.... overall just really well done.

Hannah W. | Tue, 02/02/2010

BEAUTIFUL.... this perfectly

BEAUTIFUL.... this perfectly captures the experience of a glorious ride; I love the last stanza, and "you give your yes to the wanting rush."  Well done!

Nikki | Tue, 02/02/2010


This was stunning! I really, really, loved it!!! It was just beautiful!!!

Elizabeth | Tue, 02/02/2010


The Holy Spirit is the quiet guest of our soul." -St. Augustine

... :)

Thank you guys!!

Mairead | Tue, 02/02/2010


"Sweet is the love that never knew a wound, but deeper that which died and rose again." - Mother Mary Francis


this is beatiful!

Anonymous | Wed, 02/03/2010


so beatiful, I love this.

Bernadette | Wed, 02/03/2010