Sorrowful Mother

A Poem By Mairead // 7/22/2013

Teach my heart how to grieve for Him,
let me know what i need to give,
guide my desire
to be for none other
than His bruised heart.
You answered yes to His call
you gave everything,
you nurtured Him in the womb, birthed Him
He made you clean.
You know the meaning of victory
facing unthinkable odds
you lived the passion
your heart was torn
you died with Him
you had to remain after He rose.
You know the meaning of triumph
beyond the hurt
beyond the scars
beyond the despair
past the mar.
You rejoiced in the resurrection
you ascended to His side
you were crowned by His hand
favored in His eyes.
Teach me how to
follow your Son
and gain the grace
i need to embrace
my fiat to His will
no matter what pain i may face.


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