The Macabre Dance

A Poem By Maks // 3/18/2011

Entering the empty hall
extending far before my eyes
this place has been forgotten
dust is covering its ground.

Letting out a deep silent sigh
gently my eyelids fall
music starts to play, laughter fills the room
it’s time, the ball has just begun.

Opening myself up to the masquerade
gentlemen in black costumes
bowing to the floor, welcoming me in
ushering me to hurry up and find my man.

Masks covering their identities
couples dancing on my left and right
their feet barely touching the ground
it’s as if they’re carried by the wind.

Black eyes curiously regard me
what hides underneath is a pure mystery
trying to avoid these dancing butterflies
I come to the end of that very hall.

Dressed in a long black dress
suddenly I found myself in
and a mask tightly glued to my face
a mask I cannot remove.

He stands just next to me
a black mask covering his features
his eyes are shining brightly red
his hands are icy cold

He locks me into his embrace
starts dancing with the rhythm
a creepy smile on his face
a prison, I cannot escape

“What is this masquerade?”
I scream at all of them
“What is this nightmare?”
my trembling voice demands.

Desperate I try to pull away
but he loses us into the night
and laughter stings my ears
as I finally become one of them.



I know that this was posted

I know that this was posted over two years ago, but it's pretty awesome. Good job.

E | Sun, 04/21/2013

"You were not meant to fit into a shallow box built by someone else." -J. Raymond

The bump was necessary!

I am so glad that Erin saw this and commented on it;

One of the most creepy, yet enthralling poems I've read in a long time!

Sarah | Sun, 04/21/2013

"Sometimes even to live is courage."

Blogging away!