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Age: 29

Favorite word(s): Exquisite, brilliant, exotic, havoc, commander, sword, loyalty, honor, justice, hero, storyteller, return, valiant, crisis, curious, blithering, Great Scot!, celtic, waves, travel, journey, wander, song

Status: Homeschool Graduate

Who am I?

A passionate, unashamed Christian in love with my Savior, a barefoot, horseback-riding Ozarks farmgirl, eldest of four children, heiress of a long line of fiery Scottish and Welsh personality, a Victorian lady at heart--but with a distinctly steampunk streak to keep things interesting, a creation apologist...

...oh yeah--and a writer!

My first novel (an epic fantasy) is currently in the pre-publication editing phase, and will be released by Splashdown Books of New Zealand later this year. I'm also part of a three-author team (the other two are members of ApricotPie as well) currently publishing a ground-breaking Christian steampunk novel on our website, The Lost Scribes. I also have the privilege of being a contributing author to Avenir Eclectia, a futuristic sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural micro-fiction project, also from Splashdown Books.

Since I haven't quite achieved rich-and-famous status yet, I work as a violin and music theory teacher. I love both jobs, and am incredibly grateful to God for providing them. My journey following Him has been an amazing adventure so far, and I eagerly look forward to even more adventures as He leads me in His will and makes me more like Himself.

I hope you enjoy the writing I've posted here at ApricotPie. If you want to read more of my writing (fiction and non-fiction) and/or keep up to date on my writing projects, visit--

My Blog:

Or The Lost Scribes:

Or read my work on Avenir Eclectia:

Happy Writing!