Broken Trust

A Poem By Matthew // 4/29/2007

Broken Trust

Broken trust, like a broken heart.
A guilty conscience is just the start.
Your sorry you did it, but how to say?
This happens almost every day!

Your head starts clouding, as you ask yourself, why?
Why do this thing that makes you cry?
Plus, you’re not the only one that's hurt.
Your friend’s trust is torn, smeared in dirt.

A friend’s trust is precious. A families, more.
They believed what you said, but now, no more.
There once was a time when your word had worth.
But now it's shattered, and there’s no more mirth.

The way to fix this is not unknown.
Honesty and truthfulness will need to be shown.
But the thing that brings everything together,
Is the love for friends and for each other.

Show this love, though you may be rejected.
Never falter, nor fail. You’ll never regret it.
People will begin to trust anew,
Because your love will show them, your trust is true.




You descriptions are wonderful in this piece! You are a great writer Matthew! The great Lord gave you a gift! I think you showed us that in this wonderful poem!

Emily | Thu, 04/17/2008


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