A Poem By Matthew // 5/17/2006


Flying and floating

Though the air

Spinning, twirling

Wind fingering her hair

Around the mountain
Rainbow with colors
Oranges and reds
Greens, and yellows
On she flew
Into the canyon
Her laughs of joy
Echoing, so fun!
Over the quiet creek
She glided
The water whispering
Thing confided
Flying with
No destination
Floating over
Every nation
Suddenly she stopped
And awoke
And resized
It was all a bad joke
Lying on her bed
So soft
Fan blowing cool air
All was not.
It had been
A most wonderful dream
Imagining things
That she’d not seen
But one day
She hoped she might
Go back to that dream
Into the suns warm light


That was beautiful!! Wow.

That was beautiful!!

Wow. I'm so glad I joined AP again (I first left because of school and piano - they were getting busy and a bit much. I used to be "Ivy" on the board...well actually I was a few, but I believe that Ivy was the last name I chose before I left. Now I'm baack! Yayay!)

EVERYONE on here is so very talented at writing 0.0 I love reading it. I could read everyone's poetry and stories all day, haha!

Again, Matthew, that was wonderful!

God bless and keep writing!
In Christ,

Edith | Fri, 06/01/2007



Emily-Smileygirl (not verified) | Mon, 12/10/2007


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