A Poem By Matthew // 4/30/2007


Falling, spinkling, splashing down
Hard to catch, but all around
Soft and wet, cold and cool
Tears making a crystal pool

Washing Earth of dust and grime
Musicl chords, falling in time
Rivers splash, giggling merrily
Glimpses of reflections, you can see, just barely

Thunder arcs across the skys
Shouting it's challange in it's bright, light guise
Rumbling, growling, flashing through clouds
Dancing the sky, in leaps and bounds

When, at the end, it dribbles to the last
Light parts the clouds in a colorful blast
And every time, God's glory will show
In a dazzling, spectacular, multicolored rainbow.


really great!!!!

this was really great! i enjoyed reading it =D

Bethany15 | Fri, 04/18/2008



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