Cecilia's Letter

Fiction By Melissa // 7/29/2012

Dearest Aunt Eliza and Adrimond,
I know you will be happy and very surprised to hear from me, when I have been surely thought lost all these long long years. I find it is very difficult to describe in such a short space what has befallen me. But the postal service declares that letters of more than one sheet must be paid for with a whole dollar, and I (and Mother and Father) have no money. So I write small, as you see.
I have been held for the last seven years in a scientific laboratory in British Columbia. The proprietor has held us all there and used us all for his foul experiments. He aspires to open all of Canada to uses the Queen has forbidden and slay every one of the fae who live there. He used us all, I say, but some came off worse than others. By some secret art or science (I know not which) he sought to make the powers of the fae his own. I do not know if he has succeeded. He tells us little and he no longer has any use for me.
Mother and Father are all right. I am all right, but I am one of the worse ones. The experiment was not reversible for me. My hand shakes as I write, hoping you will believe me and not be too dismayed. I am left invisible, as though by fae-wrought curse, and sometimes fade til I am insubstantial, as a ghost. My sight also is gone, though I wear goggles to restore it and so can still see when I have them.
With this curse comes a blessing. If Father can manage to rid me of these iron bands, I can pass through the very walls and escape. I will do just this very soon. I will try to seek help if any one will listen to me, but this place is very far from any towns.
I miss you, Adrimond, though I only remember you a very little, what I do recall is so pleasant. Aunt Eliza I do not remember you, though Mother says you are a splendid old lady. I beg you both for your help. There are many people captive here, and we are all sadly used and not allowed any freedom outside the halls where they keep us. The place is in North British Columbia not far from the Alaska Territory that the Russians have claimed. Father will draw a map on the other side of this sheet. It is a castle or mansion of stone, with high walls and very fair to look upon. It is called the North Star Institute just as if it was a proper hospital. Do not try to come alone. You must have lots of help. The Wildland Court should be very concerned of the evil being done in their home land, so you must try to convince them my account is true.
I will try to make my way south.
Your loving sister and niece,
Cecilia Caraway


I like it. It's very

I like it. It's very old-fashioned. And I like the style. I don't have any criticisms.

Lucy Anne | Fri, 08/03/2012

"It is not the length of life, but the depth of life." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Melissa | Tue, 09/18/2012