To live in a story

An Essay By Melissa // 4/8/2010

Sometimes I think about the world in my stories and wonder who and what I would be if I could enter that world and live there with all my characters. What would my life be like there? Would I be a Selkie, living in the sea and visiting human lands in search of new adventures? Would I be an Elenali, flying amid the tall trees and weaving clever enchantments? Maybe I would be a human, living in the mountains or the forest, or maybe even the lost Isle of Tânynis.

Just because I created that world, doesn't mean I would be a queen there. Maybe I would be a ranger, or a servant, or a shepherd. No matter what, I would still be a princess.

What kind of adventures would I have if I were a naien like Nyéranta? What if I were a phoenix, or even a dragon?

If I could go there, I would want to see and do and taste everything, every place, every moment of history. First I would visit the Mistwood Forest, with its ferns and vast trees, and then I would go to the Snollë Mountains, to Saranor, to the icy land of the Northlin, and below the sea to the ancient city of Cetacea.

Sometimes I think I wouldn't need to go there, because I've already seen it in my dreams.