Mist of Vision Pt. 3

Fiction By Gina I. // 10/14/2013

Violante's life had drastically changed in the past week or two. She had originally been scrounging for food and barely keeping herself alive. Then she had been kidnapped for no apparent reason, watched two people die, and got taken captive again by these strange people who offered her freedom at a price. It was a better price than she would've bargained for, she knew, and maybe sometime she could find a way to escape.
At the moment, there was no such time, as her days were taken up with training with Krayan, who said her fighting style was strong, but crude. She also found her food and bed quite satisfying, and had no desire to leave immediately. Plus, everyone here was smart and friendly. At the very least, polite.
She was curious as to what exactly happened to Idiot, but she had not long to ponder this, as Krayan stuck his head into her chamber. "Delse wishes to see you." he said.
Violante got up. If there was anything she had learned there, it was that when Delse "wished" to see you, you had to go to her immediately. It paid not to tick her off.
Preoccupied with the rules and regs needed to survive here around Delse, Violante followed Krayan, who had stayed after delivering the message.
When they reached the throne room, Violante was a little surprised to see two other new recruits there. Their names were Harec and Tulzir. She had often trained with them.
Krayan pushed her up beside them and went to stand in front of the exit as Delse addressed them. "I'm sure you're all aware of how little you know about what we do here. Part of that is sending our newest agents-- that would be you three-- out with a seasoned one to find your destiny, you might say. You will all be traveling to the Mist of Vision, under the guidance of Krayan. He will offer some tips early on, but it will largely be up to you to get him back alive and in one piece." She paused and leaned forward, her voice taking on a slightly sharper tone. "If you fail, I will track you to your graves." Sitting back, Delse looked around at the little group. "Do you all understand? You'd better; you leave tomorrow." She waved her hand. "Dismissed. If you have any questions, talk to Krayan."
Violante immediately had one. She pushed her way to Krayan. "Why there?"
He raised his eyebrows. "Where?"
"The Mist of Vision. Why there? Is it something to do with "finding our destiny"? Because if it is, that's just cliché. And kind of pathetic."
"Part of what we do here involves our agents knowing what is expected of them in their lives. The best way for them to find that out is to visit the Mist of Vision." Krayan replied. "In a way, it is finding your destiny. But mostly, it's a simple team exercise to strengthen bonds between the agents and leaders."
"Hardly sounds simple to me." Violante mumbled as she headed back to her room.

They left the next morning, as Delse had said. Each carried a pack that was nearly as large as they were, and Krayan led them to the west. Violante was not really looking forward to this because Harec complained a lot, she knew, and Tulzir was wired and hyper-active. What Krayan and Delse had seen in him was beyond Violante. She sighed as they continued walking. This would be, by far, the most interesting thing she had ever done.

Their trip remained uneventful until Day Three of the quest, when they were attacked by a large group of men. They wore all black, with hoods that came down just over their eyes. They also carried a dagger in one hand and a sword in the other, and fought like they knew how to use them. Which, Violante decided, they did.
She had no sword, but it didn't really matter as she was best at not fighting with a sword. She had two daggers instead. And she was quick. These served her well against this large group of about... fifteen, she guessed.
Harec fared not as well as she did already, for the attack had been an ambush and while Violante had noticed just in time to be prepared, Harec was slightly slower and had a gash in her arm because of that. Tulzir was less of a fighter and more of a flyer, and he climbed up a tree with his bow and arrows, where their attackers found it hard to follow, and shot down at them from there. Krayan? Let's just say he seemed to be enjoying a real fight. He was by far the best fighter, Violante noted. As if that were any surprise.
She didn't pay much attention to all the nitty gritty details of the fight-- like Harec's numerous wounds-- but she knew eventually they beat them away.
Krayan looked none the worse for wear, but Tulzir had somehow gotten scrapes all over his arms, legs and face. He insisted he had never really left the same position in the tree all fight, though.
Harec demanded immediate attention... literally. She complained about her many cuts and bruises, and wanted someone to tend them, but when Violante did, Harec complained that she pushed too hard.
That more than slightly irritated Violante. She sat back. "Look, do you want me to help or don't you?"
Harec looked mildly surprised. "Yes."
"Then why do you complain and act like you don't?"
Harec shrugged. "It's kind of fun, driving people up a wall."
"I'm gonna throw you up a tree next," mumbled Violante, going back to work.


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