Mist of Vision: Pt.2

Fiction By Gina I. // 10/14/2013

Delse led them to another room. It was well lit, almost too bright, and held many strange devices that Violante had never seen before. She didn't need to question what they were for-- it was easy to guess.
"Umm, let's see," she said. "You're going to torture me until I tell you all my secrets?"
"No," Delse said. "I wasn't planning on it. This is a test."
"Of... what?"
"Of you in general. Most people only show themselves under truly trying experiences. Krayan, get in the chair."
Krayan sat in one of the devices, the only one with a chair. Delse picked up a sword from a rack on the wall and handed it to Violante. "Kill him."
"Do what?"
"You heard me."
Violante looked at Krayan. He sat with a completely impassive look on his face. She had to kill him? He looked so young. She was sure he had someone somewhere to live for, and a bright future, and she was supposed to take that? She looked at the sword, then at Delse, then back to Krayan. And made her decision. "No."
"No?" Delse said. "Very well." She took the sword and handed it to Krayan. "Krayan, kill her."
He took the sword as Delse forced Violante onto her knees. Violante smiled inwardly. She had a few tricks up her sleeve, and she wasn't scared. Well, as long as they were sure to work, she wasn't.
As the blade whistled down, she disintegrated into a swarm of particles that reassembled a few feet away. "Thought you could keep me?"
Delse looked mildly shocked. Krayan looked pleased that he didn't have to kill her.
Violante herself was a little surprised. She had only recently discovered her ability, and it didn't always work when she wanted it to.
Delse waved her hand dismissively. "So be it. Do you wish to join?"
"Join what?"
"Our little band. Of course, since you know about it, you would have to die if you didn't, and I can see you would be valuable to us if you did. The benefits include bountiful food, free clothing and shelter, and friends who will sacrifice themselves for you. All you need to give in return is your loyalty and be willing to die for your friends here in this place."
"I have no friends." Violante was turning over this offer in her head anyway. After all, it was better than what she had going so far. "But I think I'll accept."
Krayan smiled a little and placed the sword back on a shelf. "I'll take care of her training, sister. She won't disappoint you. I'll be sure of that."
Delse raised an eyebrow. "She'd better not, but with you in charge, I doubt she will. Take charge, Krayan. I'll go back to my normal tasks." She left in a billow of black cloak.
Krayan watched Violante's surprised expression and laughed. "Wouldn't have thunk it, huh? We sort of rule together, but you'll hear more about that in my lessons. Come along now, Violante. I'll take you to a room."



i like it a lot, and I'm interested to see where it goes. Good work!

Arya Animarus | Wed, 10/16/2013

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.