Music In Me

A Poem By Gina I. // 6/21/2016

There's music in my soul
And no way to contain it
There's a song in my heart
But I can't release it
There's a melody in me
Fighting to be free
But it hides in darkness
Afraid to be seen
There's a poem of me
Beauty, wonder, joy
And no one on harmony
There's a dirge pounding
A slow, sad song in my head
With none to stop the decline
There's a battle-cry in me
Confidence, peace
There's a graveyard as well
Lost hopes, broken dreams
And a young tree that fell
There's a song I feel throbbing
A beat I sense building
There's a life I see wasting
With no one to help me sing
I'm a lost and hopeless thing.


This is beautiful, in a

This is beautiful, in a lovely and morbid way. It reminds me of the emotional ups and downs we go through in life. So relatable.

Damaris Ann | Tue, 06/21/2016

I don’t thrive off of chaos: chaos thrives off of me.

Aww, Damaris said everything

Aww, Damaris said everything I was going to! This poem is just as beautiful and happy as it is sad and hoping. The rhythm of it was gorgeous.

Madalyn Clare | Tue, 01/03/2017

Introverts unite!
From the comfort of your own homes!


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