The Void

An Essay By Gina I. // 12/30/2014

The Void. It's blacker than black; deeper than deep; filled with things you couldn't possibly imagine. And... I'm falling into it.
Some people don't. They manage to avoid the weightless feeling and the sudden shattering when you hit rock bottom. Some know this better than others.
Some promise themselves they will never fall into it again. Some of these never do. Others, myself among them, are somehow, irresistibly drawn toward it-- toward the pain it brings.
And every time I tell myself never again. But this time, it feels different, in a way. Maybe it was because he didn't push me in, send me head over heels. Maybe it was because I tripped on his eyes, his smile, his laugh.
The only thing that could make this better, I decide, is if he were falling next to me. And sometimes, I think he is.


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