Chicks for sale-Brearded Belguin D'ucles and Bantam Cochins

An Essay By Micheala // 6/24/2011

Well I walked out the chicken house this morning and found it teeming with flufy blue and tan chicks. So my mother has been buging me again about selling some my feathered friends so I've decieded to start with these sweet things. (That way I don't have to sell my favorites like the D'ucles's grandfather Commador who won Reserve Champion at the Barry County Fair a few years back or my delightfully fluffy cochin rooster Soggy and his hens Wet and Damp.)

So a little info on the breeds:

Brearded Belgiun D'ucles are orginaly from France. They come in the colors of self blue, porcelion, and fluer d'luer. (I have self blue and porcelions.) The self blue is this delightful sky blue color. The porcelion is a creamy base color overlaid with blue and white spots. They have feathered feet and they have these lovely feathers called falcon feathers shooting off the back of what would be their knee. They have these feathery puffs (called a muff or a beard.) on their cheeks. They have a lovely temperment.

Cochins are origionaly from France as well. They are these cute little fluffy round chickens that lay a lot of brown/ cream eggs.  They will  lay all winter without heating. They come in all sorts of colors but the color I have is buff. Which is a sort of tan. They also have feathered feet in fact they have a lot of feathers which makes them excelent for cooler climates. Their temperment is about like a realy sweet dog. They like attention and as far as chickens go they are one of the more inteligent breeds. They like to be peted and can easily be tuaght tricks. I have tuaght them to follow me, go to bed at night, jump up on to my arm or shoulder, ride on my arm or shoulder, fly on command, tight rope walk, and walk on a leash.

I am asking $2.50 apiece for these cute little chicks becuase I have way too many and so must sell some.

Additionaly I have developed a mixed breed variety of brown ducks that are extremely resistant to predators and more importantly absolutly love to devour Japenese Beatles. I have to sell a few of these too. So if interested drop me note. I have heard that chickens can be shipped.



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