Fleeting Darkness

A Poem By Micheala // 1/27/2011

Come back the desert cried

back from the the fleeting darkness.

the winds did howl like banshee beings

The desert worbled and wailed

for Mary O'graida

would not return

she though not dead had wandered

far, far


So this is the next part in

So this is the next part in the poem?

Bridget | Fri, 01/28/2011

"I always wonder why birds stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I ask myself the same question." - Harun Yahya


yes and I finaly have a plot slithering into my brain.


Anonymous | Mon, 01/31/2011


It is the sequel.

Micheala | Mon, 01/31/2011

I am definitely intrigued to

I am definitely intrigued to see the next installment. This gets (asmy brothers say) "interestinger and interestinger!"

Mary | Fri, 02/11/2011

Brother: Your character should drive a motorcycle.
Me: He can't. He's in the wilderness.
Brother: Then make it a four-wheel-drive motorcycle!


Id have had it up earlier but the next one needs editing.

Micheala | Sun, 02/27/2011


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