Justin Tam Lin--- locked in a locket

Fiction By Micheala // 6/10/2011

One might say it was ironic, but he did not find it funny.

The wind swept over hallowed ground as darkness lay upon the earth. How ironic that his last glimpse of freedom was a graveyard.

Her hand was cold in his. He looked into her icy cold eyes and knew what he felt must be true.  The only human he'd ever loved had bound him into servitude.

He felt the icy chains tighten around his heart as the wind swept across the hallowed ground. Her long black hair whiped in the wind as she withdrew her hand from his. "Why Makini?" He asked hoping to find an answer other than the one he saw in her cold indigo eyes.

"For love my dear.  You know how it is an aranged mariage would never suit me," she replied. He looked down at the circle drawn on the ground into which she had led him. Like a lamb to the sluaghter he thought viciously.

"And what are the terms of this enchantment you've placed upon me?" He asked. For the terms the terms are always important.

"The terms?" She luaghed, "The terms my dear are quite simple with you gone I will be able to marry the man I truely love."

"The Dragontooth spawn of the Grim clan?" He asked.

"Of course," she smiled happily.

"What about the retribution of my family?" He asked.

"Your family are mundanes, people without magic. How could they harm me, a wizardess?" She grinned that same grin he'd loved her for.

She frowned as she felt the spell take hold of him. It wraped its claws around his heart and squeezed. Suddenly the mask was torn away and his trueself poured into the spell. She stepped backwards in fright. "What are you?"

"A fearie," he replied sadly.

"So the rumors are true your father is Lord Salmalinzink," She grinned. "And I might have had a fearie lord for a father in-law."

"How will you protect yourself from my family's retribution?" He asked.

"Don't worry I know their weekness." she replied.

"They have no weakness." He replied suddenly fearing for her, the girl that had betrayed him, was betraying him.

"They have one weakness," she traced his jaw with her gloved hand.

"What weakness is it? Tell me so that once I am dead and buried in this graveyard I won't worry about you!" He snarled.

She replied softly leaning in to whisper in his ear, "You!"

He jumped back startled. She lowered her hand to her side. Her high waisted dress was the color of plums or bruises. Her gloves were black. She held the heavy silver locket he had given her in one hand and she frowned as she spoke, "I don't think you understand the nature of my plan."

"It is not to kill you that I bespelled you into servitude but rather to use you as a sheild against my enimies.  You are bound into this locket as bodyguard to me and my female descendants until a descendant of that Dragontooth spawn of the Grim clan shall free you."

He looked at her stunned into silence. He swept a hand threw his long black hair which was secured in a pony-tail with a silver clip. His eyes were cold and resigned to his fate.

His name was Justin Tam Lin!  He was both a werhorse and a fearie and he had just been locked into a locket.

The years passed slowly for him.   The eighteenth century was over and the ninteenth and soonHe only ventured out side of the locket at the beck and call of his human masters until....


I've wanted to write this story for years:)

I've wanted to write a story just about Justin Tam Lin for ages but I don't normaly write in the romance genre and Justin Tam Lin's story is the story of well to sumerize without giving anything away a dark tale of romance!

that is Pg13 romance and a bit of dark comedy. ok so it isn't all dark some parts of his tale are pretty funny. Actualy I luagh over Justin a lot, poor guy:)  He is a fun caracter to torture.

Micheala | Sun, 06/12/2011


Please, please, please write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arya Animarus | Tue, 06/14/2011

Oh for the times when I felt invincible.



Kassady | Fri, 12/23/2011

"Here's looking at you, Kid"
Write On!


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